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Best to ya,  Happy Time Change and Soon Spring will be here…  greg




“unplugged” – ACTUAL PUFFBALL PLANT: SCANNED IMAGES; Photograph of Puff-Ball -Textures And Icons

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EDITOR’S NOTES; TODAYS ADDITIONS: 3-10-2014 IN UPPER CASE. PHOTOGRAPH OF RECENT PUFFBALL/HYDRANGIA; IMG_5780Drawing of textures using infinity sign or the figure “8” as a mode of form.




When we nourish our souls and the souls that enter our lives we create a mode of “objective communication” or objective art. OUT OF FOCUS OR EXTRA LIGHT IN PHOTOGRAPH IMG_5778 

Icons rely greatly when you study the backgroung a repeating pattern of squares in the more historicial images the Icons themselves are textured with squares of gold leaf foil. SCANNED IMAGE OF A PUFFBALL SCANN OF PUFFBALL SKY SHOT SCANN NO LID SCANN OF PUFFBALL SKY SHOT SCANN NO LID  This texture is a “dynamism” of form or shapes evolving forms through the presence of light. WE Seek to look and understand the word, “dynamism” as it offers a clue to the ever changableness of gold leaf in an Icon image. SCANN OF PUFFBALL: PERSPECTIVE FROM WORMS-EYE VIEW…

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More Via Richard Wilhelm: “The Secret of the Golden Flower”


Quote from Rabindrath Tagore: via “Sadhana”; “It is evident from this that the real desire of our soul is to get beyond all our possessions.  Surrounded by things she can touch and feel, she cries,  “I am weary of getting:  Ah, where is he who is never to be got?”


We see everywhere in the history of man that the spirit of renunciation is the deepest reality of the human soul.  When the soul says of anything,  “I do not want it, for I am above it,” she gives utterance to the highest trueth that is in her.  When a girl’s life outgrows her doll, when she realises that in every respect she is more than her doll is, then she throws it away.  By the very act of possession we know thatt we are greater than the things we possesss.  It is a perfect misery to be kept bound up with things lesser than ourselves.  This it is that Maitreyi felt when her husband gave her his property on the eve of leaving home.  She asked him,  “Would these material things help one ao attain the highest?—or, in other words,  “Are they more than my soul to me?”  When her husband answered,  “They will make you rich in worldly possessions,”  she said at once,  “then what am I to do with these?”  It is only when a man truley realises what his possessions are that he has no more illusions about them, then he knows his sould is far above thse things and he becomes free from their bondage.  Thus man’s progress in the path of eternal life is through a series of renunciations.


That we cannot absolutely possess the infinite being is not a mere intellectual proposition. It has to be experienced, and this experience is bliss.  The bird, while taking its flight in the sky, experiences at every beat of its wings that the sky is boundless, that its wings can never carry it beyond.  Therein lies its joy. In the cage the sky is limited; it may be quite enoughg for all the purposes of the bird’s life, only it is not more than is necessary. The bird cannot rejoice within the limits of the necessary.  It must feel that what it has is immeasurably more than it can ever want or comprehend, and then only can it be glad.


Thus our soul must soar in the infinite, and she must feel every moment that in the sense of not being able to come to the end of her attainment is her supreme joy, her final freedom.


Man’s abbiding happiness is not in getting anything but in giving himself up to what is greater than himself, to ideas which are larger than his individual life, the idea of his country, of humanity of God.  They make it easeier for him to part with all that he has, not expecting his life.  His existence is miserable and sordid til he finds some great idea which he can claim his all. When they bring forth their divine alms-bowl we feel we cannot help giving, and we find that in giving is our truest joy and liberation, for it is uniting ourselves to that extent with the infinite.
Man is not complete; he is yet to be. In what he is he is small, and if we could concieve him stopping there for eternity we should have an idea of the most awful hell that man can imagine. In his to be, he is infinite, there is his heaven his deliverance. His is, is occupied every moment with what it can get and have done with; his to be is hungering for something which is more than can be got, which he never can lose because he never has possessed.” end quote R.Tagor.

Mono-Types: Research For primordialpassages Personal Mandala’s Beginnings

We are largely influenced by what we see.  We see and know in a small way what is affecting and effecting our behavior.  We have more sight sensors/senses in our brain perhaps than any other, I’m only remembering what I have seen about the brain.  This contrast with other senses makes me wonder, our skin the sense of touch covers our entire body, the sense of sight all we can see and all we can invision; However, what about our sense of soul,?  What is it that takes place within us that creates a sense of cherishment of the sense of love/joy/fear/bliss/wisdom/awareness/ or pleasure and contentment???  Do our souls develop as a talent, we need to exercise our soul as a thing to grow but perhaps life does that with and to us in the challenges of the lesser joyfilled events in our life.




Photo-illustration, via:  Richard Wilhelm; “The Secret of the Golden Flower”, commentary by C.G. Jung.  Mono-type with gold paint on acetate with chartPak color chip over Monoprint.  @ 6″ x 9″ inches   primordialpassages gregorydyczkowski

So in thought, here are three:  Somethings; sense of sight/insight, sense of feelings touch/being touched, and sense of soul and how it creates in us an everexpanding experience of life in all we do and become.  How do we explain the soul to an atheist?  Do we call it a Spirit? or an Intuition? a Sixthe Sense?  Some of my favorite friends perhaps are atheists’ but they in no way impinge there beliefs upon me as I do not pander religion back to them.  I am wondering if this is respect or tolerance.  The combination of just these simple observations about sight, touch and soul are only a small part of what we are, what we sense and what we experience and yet it is what we do with what we have and give to others which really makes life and it joys or better parts abundant.  


Best to Ya,  enjoy the sweet smells of spring approaching, the touch of newly green blades of grass being cut into by the sunlights and how it moves and compels your spirit into the renewal of hope in SPRING.   Aloha  greg

Mono-Type Experiment With Overlay



This image is a photo-illustration of a layer interpeted from:  “The Secret of the Golden Flower” Written and explained by Richard Wilhelm with an additional commentary by C. G. Jung.  This is an excellent book, and over the next few days or perhaps weeks it is a source of imagery and foundation of the primordialpassages mandala series.  The mandala series is something at this point I do not see my exploration ever ending.  Although I am borrowing the Golden Flower Matrix it is in part a launch into and towards my own self discovery of personal mandalas.



This is an overlay of gold paint upon an acetate in part layering the series of mono-types created last weekend.  Mono-Types pulled on Saturday March 1 of 2014.  “The Secret of the Golden Flower” is a short book which I have been experiencing in rereading, it offers a never ending journey into the quietness of understanding purposeful meditation.  Art without contemplation is merely an overview, it is when we are stopped in our thoughts or startled into a new thinking does Art renew and become alive in a different way.  The contemplation or thinking helps us create new observations and the layers of our experience as in the layers of these personal mandalas become a launch pad and take-off point into new paradigms of life and living.

I am curious myself as to look/seeing how this is going to develop.  There are all sorts of evolutions or “new beginnings” in the continuum of my mandala growth.

         Aloha,,, Have a great weekend or “Great Strong End” as Zig Ziglar’s commentary starts in one of his writings… regards  g