More On Two Planes

Two Planes one white and one black.



Black                                                        White

Absence of all color                                 Presence of all color

Depending upon where you live if a 180 degrees from the Western world

Presence of all color                               Abesence of all color    



Viewpoint, Look/see, observation, and discernment.  I am reminded of a friend, an author from a book.  Actually, two friends Michel de Montaigne, he says; paraphrase, “Any person who is fairly normal can talk about anything with anybody.” the second friend P.D. Ouspensky, paraphrase, “We have the ability to observe and see many views of the same site.”  PrimordialPassages comments, “Through experience we build and rebuild our language everyday, and because of this we are always new and renewed in life, however, only if we are awake/watchful or Looking/Seeing.”  Ouspensky was also very experienced in languages, He knows, about 8 languages plus English, his task was to take one sentence from the Bible and interprete it along the lines of the 9 languages he knew and continue understanding the experession of the sentence/line.  He spent the whole day doing this and came up with at least 100 to 250 different understandings of the one expression or grace from the Bible. He concluded we all have the ability to see one thing in many true and different ways and each view or viewpoint has its own integrity, integrity has its own merits.

There are three things I am grateful for today: the act of hearing, the sounds of my loved ones voices and remembering the sounds that contain and are similar to the expressions of my loved ones’ voice.


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