Revisiting Yesterday’s Planes of Thought, Mondrian: PrimordialPassages Act of Random Action

This is a minor tribute or meditation on Mondrian.  Scattered squares of red, yellow and blue. It is not to any particular scale a random cutting of squares. Mondrian was Dutch not sure why I did not remember this fact. The Cleveland Museum of Art has one of his flower painting I do try and visit this old friend it has such delicacy, strength and control that it almost appears to be a sculpted painting.  However, the pigment is applied with a wash like quality in areas that if you are in the right seeing mode it is incredible.  This is the link to the CMA:




More on Emerson:  “Life is a dictionary.” RWE PrimordialPasseges ponders;  “Our mind is a dictionary of resources of experience(s) to a degree that we may sometimes call it a dictionary of our sense of life.” 

When we seek, we learn as we learn: know and understand we may be reminded of the joy of child-likeness. This is a love of learning a love of building new experiences. Ahh the excitement of something new, a new experience we hold. This can renew us to the joy of life and the real living within us and all that surros’unds us.


Three things I am grateful for: the gift/sense of sight, books that I might see into anothers’ mind of ideas, and many great authors whome I have had a chance to read especially Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was a quiet, soft-spoken man who loves America.

Shalom greg



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