PrimordialPassages Beginnings Reprise

The basic scope of PrimordialPassages is multi-dimensional media. I am a rookie at this hope you come back and enjoy.  All images are created by me and posted to WordPress PrimordialPassages.

img019view of Main St and Route

The intent is a response to my responsibility towards certain concrete and undiscovered aims. There are so many things, people, experiences and happenings in my life there may never be enough time to fully ‘Pay it foreward’. When we become gratefull we become a new beginning of our being especially if we remain stead fast in our convictions to be humble through good times and bad times; it perhaps then a possiblity to “be”. The struggle to “be” never ends it begins – I will close with a thought of Cicero, “Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but it is the foundation of all others.


There are three things I am gratefull for: the light at sunrise, the light of joy in peoples’ smiles and the light of love I see in those who call me their friend.  g


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