Restart Cite Under Construction


Above link: Fredrick Chopin, Raindrop,  suggested listening for the blogg.

Restart Cite Under Construction. I have been gone close to 4 months now many moons. Perhaps it is best to say, “I have been under construction.”  Still even then are our works ever done?  Life is ended with our final breathe it is then the construction is over but who knows if then it is complete all I can ponder is our last breathe is completed.  Well not to be solemn but real.

So it is Cheers to you and Cheers to life.


Poles of thought.   A quote by Piet Mondrian, ” The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”


Today’s graphic is in honor of Piet.   We have two planes. One light one dark, one full one empty one brilliant one an abyss, white is life black is death, However in the East White Is Death and Black Is Fecundity?   Memories slip and so does concrete facts.  This comment of culture is close enough:  “The act of seeing is in the reason of observation”.  PP=PrimordialPassages. Symbols only have meaning when we recognize them and build other concepts. It is the practice of reason that builds a visual dictionary. Emerson who’s birthday is today is fascinating, his one comment to me that sticks out in my mind is, “Life is a dictionary.”  This was part of his closing statements for a address at graduation in 1837 a beautiful speech not of political platitudes but discerning knowledge.


Pardon but one more quote: via Roy Masters, “When Solomon was asked what single wish he would be granted, he answered: ‘Give me wisdom that I might judge Thy people properly.’ Because of his propensity toward good, his prayer was heard. The Lord was obliged to give Solomon riches, fame, honor, everything, because Solomon had asked for the cause of all good things.” end quote.

Take Care Godspeed to You.  gfd


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