A Point; A Hidden Point and a Point On A Grid.

You might say we are like these two points:  hidden or revealed.  Therefore, we understand ourselves or we remain suspended in wonder what we are, where we are and how we are going to accomplish what is really important.  Where have I been?  Recently, I have been a fireman of sorts, life presenting me with various types of fires enflaming through basic living.  We all face varioius fires or challenges in life that require our full attention.  However, along with this we have hidden points or points of wealth and peace within us.  It is called an interior heart. A soul, a OverSoul, a communication with our higher selves.  There are obvious words, works, phrases  or attitudes which this may be labeled.  These I am avoiding.  In closing my extra time to think as I choose over the first part of this year is,  “What is unconditional love?”,  Lastnight I was left with the meditation, “To err is human to forgive divine.”  This is just a beginning.


A Point hidden.



A Point on a Grid.



Three things I am grateful for are:  The sweet smell of summer, the breath of nature, the light of day.