“unplugged” – ACTUAL PUFFBALL PLANT: SCANNED IMAGES; Photograph of Puff-Ball -Textures And Icons

Some how lost the handle on this ,,, had to reblogg to update,,, still learning, “How to do” via experience,,,, I really need to study tutorial Yikes…



EDITOR’S NOTES; TODAYS ADDITIONS: 3-10-2014 IN UPPER CASE. PHOTOGRAPH OF RECENT PUFFBALL/HYDRANGIA; IMG_5780Drawing of textures using infinity sign or the figure “8” as a mode of form.




When we nourish our souls and the souls that enter our lives we create a mode of “objective communication” or objective art. OUT OF FOCUS OR EXTRA LIGHT IN PHOTOGRAPH IMG_5778 

Icons rely greatly when you study the backgroung a repeating pattern of squares in the more historicial images the Icons themselves are textured with squares of gold leaf foil. SCANNED IMAGE OF A PUFFBALL SCANN OF PUFFBALL SKY SHOT SCANN NO LID SCANN OF PUFFBALL SKY SHOT SCANN NO LID  This texture is a “dynamism” of form or shapes evolving forms through the presence of light. WE Seek to look and understand the word, “dynamism” as it offers a clue to the ever changableness of gold leaf in an Icon image. SCANN OF PUFFBALL: PERSPECTIVE FROM WORMS-EYE VIEW…

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