Sun, Gold, Values, Values of Light, Golden Flower, Golden Mean, Symbols In Numbers, Communication

View of Today’s Sketchbook  3-10-2014.  Heart as Soul source within our breast.   Lyrics, Lynyrd Skynyrd:  “Simple Man”,  quote in part of song –



“Forget your lust for rich man’s gold

All that you need is in your soul – – – “

end quote

Transference And Dynamism: Writings of Maurice Cotterell

Foundational Scope of Maurice Cotterell, books and media information.


symbols transference M. Cotterell

basic shapes in renewal of symbol language of mc


knowledge base of my transference into readings and rereadings of MC dialogues

in his writings


MC reading list:


Works read several times over the last 3 years:


1- “Future Science”


    2  – “The Tutankhamum Prophecies” – ‘The Sacred Secret of the Mayan, Egyptians and Freemasons’.


         3  –  The Terracotta Warriors



These books are a:  wonder, based upon very concrete thinking in their understanding of symbols ancient and common understandings of verbal explanations, and visually a very stimulating and lively presentation of how we see and comprehend understandings of knowledge interiorly and through written words.  I believe you will find these books fascinating here is Maurice Cotterell’s homepage link:     


You will find him on YouTube and in a basic google search engine query.  Maurice has appeared discussing many current topics on the radio too, query Coast to Coast A.M. for more materials on Maurice’s positions on health or personal health improvements.  –  Current topic of note;  “The Cause of Allergies, Asthma, and Auto-immune disease”  by Maurice Cotterell.  –    Enjoy worth the time and wonder you will discover.  best to ya greg


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