Mono-Types: Research For primordialpassages Personal Mandala’s Beginnings

We are largely influenced by what we see.  We see and know in a small way what is affecting and effecting our behavior.  We have more sight sensors/senses in our brain perhaps than any other, I’m only remembering what I have seen about the brain.  This contrast with other senses makes me wonder, our skin the sense of touch covers our entire body, the sense of sight all we can see and all we can invision; However, what about our sense of soul,?  What is it that takes place within us that creates a sense of cherishment of the sense of love/joy/fear/bliss/wisdom/awareness/ or pleasure and contentment???  Do our souls develop as a talent, we need to exercise our soul as a thing to grow but perhaps life does that with and to us in the challenges of the lesser joyfilled events in our life.




Photo-illustration, via:  Richard Wilhelm; “The Secret of the Golden Flower”, commentary by C.G. Jung.  Mono-type with gold paint on acetate with chartPak color chip over Monoprint.  @ 6″ x 9″ inches   primordialpassages gregorydyczkowski

So in thought, here are three:  Somethings; sense of sight/insight, sense of feelings touch/being touched, and sense of soul and how it creates in us an everexpanding experience of life in all we do and become.  How do we explain the soul to an atheist?  Do we call it a Spirit? or an Intuition? a Sixthe Sense?  Some of my favorite friends perhaps are atheists’ but they in no way impinge there beliefs upon me as I do not pander religion back to them.  I am wondering if this is respect or tolerance.  The combination of just these simple observations about sight, touch and soul are only a small part of what we are, what we sense and what we experience and yet it is what we do with what we have and give to others which really makes life and it joys or better parts abundant.  


Best to Ya,  enjoy the sweet smells of spring approaching, the touch of newly green blades of grass being cut into by the sunlights and how it moves and compels your spirit into the renewal of hope in SPRING.   Aloha  greg

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