Mono-Type Experiment With Overlay



This image is a photo-illustration of a layer interpeted from:  “The Secret of the Golden Flower” Written and explained by Richard Wilhelm with an additional commentary by C. G. Jung.  This is an excellent book, and over the next few days or perhaps weeks it is a source of imagery and foundation of the primordialpassages mandala series.  The mandala series is something at this point I do not see my exploration ever ending.  Although I am borrowing the Golden Flower Matrix it is in part a launch into and towards my own self discovery of personal mandalas.



This is an overlay of gold paint upon an acetate in part layering the series of mono-types created last weekend.  Mono-Types pulled on Saturday March 1 of 2014.  “The Secret of the Golden Flower” is a short book which I have been experiencing in rereading, it offers a never ending journey into the quietness of understanding purposeful meditation.  Art without contemplation is merely an overview, it is when we are stopped in our thoughts or startled into a new thinking does Art renew and become alive in a different way.  The contemplation or thinking helps us create new observations and the layers of our experience as in the layers of these personal mandalas become a launch pad and take-off point into new paradigms of life and living.

I am curious myself as to look/seeing how this is going to develop.  There are all sorts of evolutions or “new beginnings” in the continuum of my mandala growth.

         Aloha,,, Have a great weekend or “Great Strong End” as Zig Ziglar’s commentary starts in one of his writings… regards  g

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