Re-Edited,,,What Art Is Not, What Art Is. Pardon,,,work work work



Show closes pretty much this Friday,  A special and dear Thank You to the Staff of The Lorain Public Library System at Domonkas Branch in Sheffield Lake, Ohio,  you know who you are,  My Hats off to the kind and generous and patient librarians’: Pam, Julie, Kathy, Maureen, Beth and if I forgot your name you know me I remember I forget and sometimes I know your name as still say it wrong,  My respect and appreciation to your talents does not feign and does not falter your “Top ‘A’ number-one,  1”  yours truely gregorydyczkowski.  Some excperts from images displayed posted over the last few days…


I do not know.  As I still grow up to this idea, concept,  Question, “I’m not artistic, I can’t even draw a straight line”.  Is a question or is it a statement, those of us who create or try to evolve our images in whatever media have faced this query.  Forever, I have had various answers, none of which placate anyone except this statement only newly realized “Look at a tree, do you see straight lines?”, “Look at nature does it move in a straight line,? the horizon when your eyes are sensitive on a lake see the curve of the earth, if you notice on the highway driving the same route and follow the motions of the sun over the years you sense the curve of the earth.  If you do not believe me, pick a spot to visit and go there when you can driving into or near those twilight times the sunrise or sunset.  If you study closely how the spaces around you interact you will sense how the sun moves and how you may realize the slope of this great globe we live on; Earth.Image

Quotes of evaluatory thought, critique to study ourselves, perception in awareness equals great thinkers who still teach us beyond the grave:   

“Doubt is the origin of wisdom.”  Rene’ Descrtes

“”What labels me, negates me.”  Soren Kierkegaard

“””I’m not interested in what’s useful or convenient,” Says Rasmussen. “I’m interested in what’s meaningful.”

“”””The map is not the territory.”  Count Alfred Korzybski

“””””We know not through our intellect but through our experience.”  Merleau-Ponty

“”””””The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”  Martin Heidegger

“””””””The focus of subjectivity is a distorting mirror.”  Hans-Georg Gadamer d 2002

“”””””””Man is in the world and only the world does he know himself.”  Maurice Merleau-Ponty

“””””””””If you were Napoleon, Where would you go? Waterloo Water Park!!!”  Bill to Ted or Ted to Bill in  “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, costaring – – -Joan De Arche, Ziggy Fruud, Ghegis Khan, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Billy the Kid,,,and of course we can not forget George Carlin,,,hope I did not miss anyone,  It is funny that when we laugh we learn easier.  Seriously,  Seriously  furnniey.



Best to ya, enjoy the soft breeze no matter the temperature.  Hoping you see the sun light in the eyes of all you meet and the divine sparkle of its radiance in the souls of those you know and have just met.  Life is worth living in the joys of our souls.  Salute and Cheers to you in all that you do…regards  greg





These two drawings were preliminaries for each other, the line drawing was done first a s a  warm-up for color work.

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