Old Ideas New Ideas Renewed Observation


It is interesting to continue to study the restudy of an aspect of ourselves.  This may be a self-critique or a self-inventory.  We all do this at times in our life and creativity in all aspects of life require it.  If we are buying a new car we evaluate the market based upon our needs and budget just to begin.  We continue to gather information to grow our thoughts into the best offer or best possiblities for growth of our development of an idea, a course of action, a viewpoint in creativity, the paradigm of continuum of apperception in the choice of decision making in my images old and new has been a very lively mentation.  It has helped me to review new and old approaches to making images.  However, my quest for new avenues of motifs is growing stronger yet  I still find a richness in my memories of working with landscapes, still-lifes and figure drawing to grow the fundementals of seeing and appercieving my self and my viewpoints. 



Best wishes to you in all that you seek.Image

This is shown rotated to allow us to see the marks in a different form of perception, we experience the mark or forms of drawing as a conflict therefore we experience the marks as of a different integrity.


Review, Renew, Reflect to new forms of decision and decision evolutions.  


It is a great foundation, to love, and to love something, and study it over and find that you never find aspects that repeat themselves, unrepeatable love in the beloved is best but unending longevity towards the beloved is the “beginings of Love”, to my Dear Coco-Nut Fog:  Yours greg.

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