Icon Art, Iconography, Art As A Religious Experience


The last two days posts included a brief description of Object/Subject interchange and transformance.  Today the statement is brief, when we seriously study “Something” we become as the old joke.  The joke in a second.  Seriously, we study observe:  Look/See; interpete/cogigate, understand/comprehend, discern/wonder or we look through towards a viewpoint.  The viewpoint is a foci, a precept in completing an image; a drawing, sketch, painting, musical study, a minute’, a score, when we fully participate we become conscious for a moment or the duration of creativity.  When this occurs we are so bound up in our activity that the experience transcends and becomes a transference of the study between us the object maker of the image interpeteing the subject it in a sense becomes us as a love action.  I believe art good or not so good becomes to us and speaks to us of the love of the artist/musician/writer/dancer/actor/etc. involvement that we may not fully understand what the “something” is but it speaks to us.  This is the closest I shall express it for now.  Art becomes the religious experience through its activity and manifestation of love.  

As always, shalom, reach out and be loving today for the sake of loving and not for the personal rewards.  A Friendly Hello Goodbye and Aloha yours truely g


I am


I am soul

I am aware


your soul

you, your soul sparkles

in your smile

the smile of a stranger, is soul

the soul is shared in love combined

as the soul of the Almighty sparkles in the sky

I am soul you are soul we shimmer as the star in the sky

In love all souls sparkle together remembering All the souls above.

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