Apperception In Iconography Or Art Perception/Apperception


Following up and into a simple position or approach to simplicity in Art Awareness – – – 


This is a wondering as much as a question, but more of a wonder: Creation and creating anything; “A Something” is act and action.  Let us consider the “beginnings” the modality of primordialpassages as this possibility, I accept at the very inception of act the thought: this thought is the creation and all activity of creativity is the first thought and this is part or the whole of; “A Something”.  We conclude that any thought is creativity, or a form of energy as it the “A Something” requires our energy to form “A Something” this is one aswer to the general belief I do not know anything or have no knowledge of Art.  This is also the Godlikeness or (with human activity which makes us god-like) notice I use a small letter “g” because in being truely creative/innovative in our thoughts we are creators and this joins us in a basic spiritual experience.  Transending ourselves, transfiguring our perceptions and recieving the “grace”of the muses, angels or divine inspiration is a higher order of introspection/perception/mentation/concentration/consciousness/desire or love/rapture of the ineffefable or immutable graces in life it is the pathway to higher order perceptions or the bliss of “being”, a pleasure or as in the statement:  “It is a pleasure to know You” which evolves into the conception of I want to know more about You.  We believe to recieve but we need to know how to calm ourselves to listen to grace and control the animal within our ego/emotions of knee-jerk reactions.  When we are astounded by the beauty of living a life and recognize/cognizent of the grace in inspiration or the inspiration of grace we have in essence experienced the object/subject or subject/object interchangeableness of creativity.  It is here we are asending towards the aboveness in life and grace.  It is also, sometimes as simple as the beauty: in the soft touch on our cheeks of a summer breeze, the loving sparkle in the eyes of our beloved, in the sparkling smile and eyes of a stranger or the cashier at the check-out line, the sweet smell of a soft rain, in a meal cooked with loving care  these things can take us in our hearts to somewhere because of the experience of that, “A something” has penetrated into our pleasure zone deep within our souls.  This is “objective Art”, and a simple example of a honest and true “objective Art” idea is the advice we may have gained from our parents’ and we re=remember thier advice and pass it along to someone who needs the action of a simple yet profound statement encapsulated in an energy form of love and idea that is a concept.  These things help us grow on a small scale good advice and good memories of an experience.

As always a friendly handshake to you and yours or a friendly smile from my heart to you;  look/see the sparkle of life that surrounds you  –  Hello Goodbye and Aloha   greg

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