Dynamism – More On Merkaba, Mandala, and Mandorla, Tomorrow: Seabeck WA Today

dynamism – life is change

0 and 1

1 is childlike as a 0?

It is my big miscue to think I am

my biggest when I am smallest

the big huge: Ego,  E

go, I big not humble

Yet I am my biggest when smallest

Humble, Awestruck, Mortified

When the enormisity of the World

Word, Universe or Cosmos

I am recognized when the smallest me

sees, the enormity, the dynamism

which surrounds me in the embrace of




A  WE.  AWE!

Seabeck WA, charchol paper, @ 8.5 x 11- charchol, pastel and pencil.


Hello All we are one day closer to Spring and up North here many are looking forward to the sun’s warm kiss.  

Hope you are all well, and Hello Goodbye Aloha,  –   Peace    g


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