“Essentials”: Great American Transcendentalists; Jean Toomer

The book;  “Essentials” is by Jean Toomer.  He has been compared to: Ben Franklin, Thoreau and Emerson.  This is a compilaiton of Aphorisms each chapter a group of five lines as sentences.  Should you ever find a copy of this book it well worth the time invested in seeing what it offers.  You will be delighted.  Here is an excerpt.

Toomer,  “Essentials”.  Chapter LXI

“We who talk of knowledge of the universe cannot

        sense the nature of an apple.


We assume that because we have the label we have

        the understanding.


We are hynotized by literacy.


A change of terms does not necessarily imply an

         increased knowledge of reality.


There is a great difference between clear words and

         clear understanding.  Words are possessedy by 

         everyone;  few use them clearly; knowledge

         coupled with conscience, is life’s highest prize.”


end quote,  Jean Toomer,  “Essentials” 1894-1967.  Jean Toomer is in that great class of American Transcedentalist.



Thanks if you have read this far.  Peace in your hearts and lives… Aloha   g

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