Quick View Of: Works Old And New, Images – Gregory F. Dyczkowski – Domonkas Library


24×36 inches in total this is a detail of larger drawing following directly below.  Charchol on ricepaper.

Today, I am reminded of a quote by Eugene Delicroix.  “The new is very ancient one may say even that it is always the most ancient thing there is.”  1850 Eugene Delacroix.



Posted today are various things I have thought about from my graced inspirations, those inspirations of nature and some basic shapes transformed by the action of parallel lines.  I find the changes in bending parallel lines very stunning in that it changes the action or movement of the line.  


The boxes shown here are hand made on bristol board, hand screen printed and some are hand colored with colored marker.  These items or boxes all started out with a basic matrix of parallel lines or a line of squares which are parallel as in the case of the rectangle boxes.  The pyramid is cast plaster from a waste mold.


The boxes are from a hand cut silkscreen emulsion.  The water based emulsion with acetate backing.



The images above and below are based on the readings of C.G. Jung and especially from his book, “Psyche and Symbols”, this is a two sided matrix as I am curious about how we look at things, do we realize sometimes we on a sensuos/physicial level see something but do not realize we can see through it.  This scroll is a readaption of old thinking and contemplations it is in a sense a test to see what affects the rice paper and the effects which we can see through.  I have also been very inquisitive about Japanese, and Chinese Sumi Paintings on; a scroll, screen, or rice papers.  The images above are mostly comprised of colored acetates, magic marker, Sumi Ink with Sumi brush, and some pencil.


These are explorations of my personal Mandalas and Mandorlas.  There are many sketches, and it is another “beginnings”:  wishing that all your “beginnings”  become;  complete and are successful with much joy.


Hope you have a great day…Aloha greg




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