Images Old And New: Gregory Dyczkowski Basic Shapes, Photo Document


There are parts of the current show I have on display of Basic Shapes, boxes screen printed and some boxes found,  included are Spheres, or Different forms of a Sphere, and some other anomolous  a made up word for Anomoly-(interesting adjunct word here: Anomolous perturbation) found object,  a film tin/cylinder, a painted tree limb, a plaster cast pyramid(here I was rediscovering if I could still cast in plaster waste mould a complete object), some beach stones, in short what I am studying with the screen printed boxes is the action and strength of parallel lines,  these become more complex when squares are segemented into the parallell matrix.  <(parrellel a symbolic misrepresentation in spelling) lines>.  Stand by I am going to photograph the show in this day…  in segements 


Thanks for stoping by, a friendly hello a friendly goodbye and a friendly aloha.   regards and best to you in a successful day and week…greg


O        _        =            L          C         T      IIIIII        I          L       S         /      ><  > <    >     <

Playing with keyboard letters as basic beginnings of form, shape or visual language.  Symbols as something other than thier common interpetation or meditating on basic drawing lines








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