Symbols Images As Transference Of Interdisicplinary Thinking Or Ruminating

Personal Mandalas with hints at Mandorlas,  pen, pencil, marker on 8.5 x 11 inches plain white copy paper.   2014 c gregorydyczkowski.  


Symbols in their forms transfer an idea,  and if we accept energy as a act of using energy/thinking or sharing thoughts we have the, “time-binding” concept of C.A. Korzybski, or even Michel de Montaigne.  


I read a post today about how a society/civilization develops upon its evolution of tools.  We don’t remake the tool we pick it up and use it.  


ImageWords, Ideas, Mentations, Messages or Emotions of :  anger, fear, love, compassion and other idea-things require energy on our part…to complete the circuit of thoughts to share/relay a complete idea.  These are beginings of understandings.


In part, what is pictured in this message today are my “beginnings” of personal Mandala’s.  Infant thoughts of mine, manifesting and growing.  Words I have been pondering are: “Beginnings”, “Being”, “Be”, “Beings”, and combined with this thought or basic matrix what makes us “become into our beingness”.  Do we suggest to ourselves our “Being” or do we interact with the world and all that is in it and combine all our experience to “Become into Being”  I feel this is all sounding simple, but wonder how much energy, transference from the Sun that takes place into our “beingness” to get us closer to being complete persons who assist in the understandings important to the world.


I read abit, and several authors off the top of my mind who do this today or yesterdays gone are:  Maurice Cotterell, C.A. Korzybski, Montaigne, Chilton Pearce, some of my friends who I have not asked permission to speak of write and think in these/along lines of transfering concepts.  So if we reorganize our thoughts to produce new matrixes of paradigms I would hope we create a new, a new world which will be better. This young new author, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Lipton, Hank Wesselman, gee I could go on if my thinking cap did not stall,  we must consider this is a contuum.

Thanks to all who stopped by and look/see D or look/seed, as we must establish better control of our thinking patterns.  Me especialy need a better filing system for all sorts of thoughts…Well Hope All are feeling happy and healthy, Best wishes into your New Year… Hello Goodbye and Aloha  with a friendly smile  greg


, or;




One of my  basic Mandalas


Basic Madala over a sea/lakescape painting.

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