Sun And Its Center, Infinate Suns

Again, returning to Michel de Montaigne’s meeting of the extremes.   We consider  “On”  “switch”  “Off”.

                                                                   On       Switch        Off


                                                                   O       “extremes        I


Above, is displayed universal symbols for electicity, energy, a completed circuit or a resolve of an intented action.


8.5 x 11 inches, marker and pencil drawing.  

         Me, not being a scientist these are impressisons and by no way any mathatical form.  However, visually the “On” and “Off”  with the “Switch” symbolizes a complete thought with potential use of energy and in effect the sun rises and the sun sets in its own way it goes;  “On” and “Off”. Therefore, we have experienced the transference of symbols into an analogy the Sun a form of energy with its own built in switch.  What does it transfer to us besides energy?  Life, as it helps plants, animals, small microscopic forms of life to grow and in addition we need the sun on its simplest level because to see its light it makes us feel better.  Plus the sun’s benefit to us in the form of contact that switches and increase of Vitamen D.

Parimenedies, Empedocles ??? or some ancient thinkers, said in effect:  “God is the center of the sphere;  and who’s circumfrence

is everywhere.”  This is close but I feel it is not the exact quote.  Here’s one from Blase Pascal,  from about the time of Montaigne: 

“God is an infinate sphere who’s center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere.”  close but not the same as the Ancient’s phrase.  Beautiful all the same.  Again, to the Ancient,  Hermes Trismegistus, “thrice-great Hermes” “God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.” Book of the 24 Philosophers.

Quotes of Leonardo Da Vinci – – –  “It is better to imitate ancient than modern work.”    More from Da Vinci,  begin quote,   

“All knowledge is the offspring of our perceptions.

The sense ministers to the soul, and not the soul the sense; and where the sense which ministers ceases to serve the soul, all the functions of that sense are lacking in life, as is evident in those who are born dumb and blind.

There is nothing which decieves us as much as our own judgement.

The greatest deception which men incur proceeds from their opinions.

What is that thing which is not defined and would not exist if it were defined?  It is infinity, which if it could be defined would be limited and finite, because that which can be defined ends with the limits of its circumference, and that which cannot be defined has no limits.

                     O  contemplators of things, do not pride yourselves for knowing those things which nature by herself and her ordination naturally conduces; but rejoice in knowing the purposes of those things which are determined by your mind.

Nature is full of infinate causes which are beyond the pale of experience.

Since the eye is the window of the soul, the soul is always fearful of losing it, so much so that if a man is suddenly frightened by the motion or an object before him, he does not with his hands protect his heart, the source of all life; nor his head, where dwells the lord of the senses; nor the organs of hearing, smell and taste.  But as soon as he feels fright it does not suffice him to close the lids of his eyes, keeping them shut with all his might, but he instantly turns the opposite direction;  and still not feeling secure he covers his eyes with one hand, stretching out the other to ward off the danger in the direction in which he suspects it to lie.  Nature again has ordained that the eye of man shall close itself, so that remaining during his sleep without protection it shall suffer not hurt.  (note ,,gd just think what you do when an approaching car in a rain shower drives through a large puddle splashing your windshield with water from the puddle hitting the windshield with a pelting amount of water with a large sonic sound almost like a hammer on the glass,  we flinch and look quickly the other way,,,end editor note gd)

‘On light’,  Look on light and consider its beauty.  Shut your eyes, and look again:  that which was, no longer is.  Who is he who remakes it if the producer is continually dying.”  End quotes of DaVinci  from  “Thoughts on Art and Life”, Leonardo Da Vinci, c 1906 by D.B. Updike, Translated by Maurice Baring, Boston, The Merrymount Press.

O                                                                  Extremes    Meet                                                     Off                           

>       ON                                                       >                 energy                                                   >                       OFF                                    

>       Complete                                             >                 Circuit                                                    >                Incomplete                                           

>      revolving                                              >                  statement                                             >                 final                                           

>       Open                                                   >                  attitude                                                 >                 closed                                          

>       embracing                                           >                 empathy/compassion                           >                 closed-arms                                          

>      will                                                        >                 direction                                                >                 not-doing                                           

>      open                                                     >                  minded                                                  >                closed                                          

>      affable                                                  >                   relating/relationship                              >                arguementative                                          

>      love                                                       >                   countenance                                       >                 anger                                           

>      peace                                                   >                    environment                                        >                 contention                                                        

>                                                                   >                                                                                >                                                           

>                                                                   >                                                                                >                                                           

Athough this is only one viewpoint, I find Art is taking the time to see search absorb nature,  Look/See.

Well Thanks again, to all who read this far, and a friendly,  Hello Goodbye and Aloha,  Hope all is well for you and yours…and with friendly handshake.  Enjoy the sun – – – greg


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