Old And New Thoughts, New And Old Approaches

So on and on so it goes,  thinks this may be an old lyric?  Hardly my original thought.  Yet, moving on I have been graced with many spontaneous critiques as of late.  Any critique of personal viewpoint from a person seeking “good taste” is always helpful.  Accepting it ,  although not always easy is  how  we were prepared in dealing with critiques in ArtSchool.  One  who can listen and be besides themselves may gaing powerful insight in the application of seeing  – understanding  –  comprehending what parts of the message are complete.  We could say communication is complete when all parties involved have continued to grow in establishing the complete idea in as much as we can as humans understand one another.  


1980’s, Acrylic on canvas,  13 3/4 >  x  12 1/4^, binocular series, seeing in a circle.

My aim was pondering circles as a painting motif and just enjoying paint and painting from my imagination, allowing the shapes to form and the colors to form on there own.  Really enjoy paintiing sometimes with no object in view physically but only what my ‘mind’s eye is seeing’.

There is a qoute,  “Two men were walking down the street, having a conversation, but talking about two different ideas.  Yet they were feeling that both their viewpoints were being understood and comprehended. – – -”  Paraphrase from C.A.K.  One other favorites of his I often ruminate about is,  “The Map is not the territory.”  Count Alfred Korzybski.  

The aim or one of the aims of primordialpassages is to continue to work acedemically from all forms of nature and also allow my ‘mind’s eye’ to freely express itself along the continuum of creativity.

hello and goodbye to all and Aloha, Thanks for stoping by and taking a look,  Godspeed to you in all your travels in speech, communication and travels….best to Ya’  greg


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