Two Men

Of the few poems I know, this is one.

“Two Men sat behind bars,

One saw mud, the other stars.”


Oil Enamel on cigar box,  5 1/4  x 9 5/8, ArtMan Subarines Tire,  pardon my haste I need the regularity of completing a blog more and then I will concentrate my efforts on establishing more craftsmanship,  I’d gotten clobber in the grade department on this for lack of finish…time for me is limited….

Not even sure who wrote this, but as I have repeated it many many times, recently the thought occured to me, that it could be one person.  I never thought of this poem as a riddle: however, recently I have been urged to think of it as one person.  Namely, myself, as I choose to see through the bars of my mind a window which like any stick, has two ends.  Perhaps on one end is the Dabel and the other God, maybe one end is “goodness” and the other “not-so-goodness”, happy vs. sad or positive vs negative active thoughts.  Seems as we get older its is simple, but our interior layers are complex, experiences accumulate and influence our perceptions.   

I could go on and on, as I sometimes do, but for now that will do.  Best of sunshine to you and remember we are one day closer to spring.  Hello Goodbye and Aloha  Thanks if you are a new visitor or a return visitor,  greg

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