ArtMan: More On primordialpassages Meaning And “Beginnings”

Hello Everyone, On Superbowl Sunday,  Hope everyday is a Superbowl in your joys of life as we face the challenges of living.

As I wonder, and mentate or think about my future and past.  – – – 


When I was young

I used to eat paint, right

right off the wall, several times I was

caught, eating paint,  My Dear


were not pleased, “Why, ??? Gregory???”

It tastes good,  silly youngin’

I consumed it, Now

Now! It consumes me/I

I I:

I am, Am I



“ArtMan Wipes Out”  about 6.5 x 7.5 inches, enamel model paints,  1984 ish.  gregory dyczkowski,copywrite ARTMAN

So many years later, in high school I took the Kuder Personality Inventory.  Top four career paths:

Kindtergarten Teacher,  Librarian – Art Docent, – Painter/Fine Arts, ere’ were the bubbled up precipitations of my honesty in this personality test,  So here I sit and wonder as I stand looking into my future, what do I see, a haze and joy of the past…so today of all days this mentation of my kindergarten teacher,  Mrs. Conover, what a joy she possesed in teaching a method of seeing we call this:  learning – education.  She had this way about her,  for some reason I remember her, smile and loving instructions.  here is a excerpt,  she would say children it is reading time,  now we usually have a book with words and pictures, today we have a good book without pictures, you must listen to the story I am going to read to you.  Children use your imagination and make the pictures of the story match the words in the imagination of your mind imagine what is the story and what pictures you can see as I read the story.  Wow did I enjoy her classes,,,She played this funny game with me,  for some reason I made a comment on her hair and said how nice it was, she said, “Gregory how kind of you to notice, I just went to the Beauty Solon, and had my hair done.”  So everytime she had her hair done, I would say how nice it looked I really loved her smile.  Sometimes, I goofed, well only once, did I miss the compliment to her about her, new hairdo,  that day I did not feel particularly well,  something was making me feel ill,  then I forgot her hairdo, and felt worse, never again, did i ever forget to compliment her when she had her hair made up.  And never will I forget her, smile a gift of love in teaching, a gift of life time memories.  Thank You Mrs. Conover,  Godspeed to You and your hair sure looks nice.  

So If I had chosen to be a kindergarten teacher, how many different memories would I have,  children have such an unbounded imagination and love for creativity they teach us viewpoints of life if we are not careful we forget how to see.  In part primordialpassages is the results of many loving teachers in my life, those from long ago, those as my parent and peers.  ArtMan or Art Man is a manifestation of my Art School buddies, two of whome are dead, they passed several years ago.  I miss them and I greet them in the memories of the fun and happiness we shared.  My motivation to find this “life Path” is a tribute to all who have helped me see.  It is also a primordialpassage into my personal, “Mandala Hood”  as this combined with the ArtMan series soon to be created will grow and change my viewpoints.

My hands have been beat up, worn out from working in a factory,  perhaps it is old age, the waning of time, or just the way it goes,  Hey, as a friend o mine says,  Face reality good or bad, face reality.  So I will continue with my Picasso-ish acedemic studies self actualized and grow into expressing my self more freely, into the alter view points of:  Mandala’s and Art Man.   Hope you’ll join me in this journey and feel welcome to comment, as we learn more together, as Mrs. Conover says use your mind and see the pictures it creates,  What a smile she gave us.  What joy.!

I read as much as I can, something unusual and uncanny has occured,  lately I seem to find the books of several authors, to be the last book they ever wrote, Gilles Delueze  and  Thomas Szasz are a few examples, wow, WOW how there maturity and viewpoints of life are so strong in these of thier last writings, as I said earlier in a former post,  What will the:  G.rand O.rganzing D.esinger, record in the last periods of my life, I hope it is the creation of those heartfelt smiles that many like dear Mrs. Conover gave us who knew her.

Cheers to ya, Thanks and come back and see with me,  as always, a friendly smile and kind handshake to you,  hope all is well for you and Yours,  Hello – Goodbye – Aloha  see ya soon  g



Please forgive my mishaps and mis-spellings.  Not me forte’

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