Young Talent,,,LIstEN

I couldn’t help but blogg on this,  just got a friend added on to my follow,  Many Of You I wish i had time to say Hello,  individually,  Pardon me, I must say it now,  to all,  Hello and Thanks for pushing that follow button on my blogg.  It is a interesting and natural way to find other parts of this world we live in….  Perhaps when I am a little less fogggy I would express my self in a more cogent manner.   In short,  I appreciate you saying Hello to me and opening up a new world of experience and the understandings of forms of communicating…

For example,  this young man’s music

Listen As soon as this man’s music is ExcellentHope  you like like solid sounds, voice, an more



Above photo:  Seabeck WA ,,, rainforest copyright gd…..

Hope you have a chance to listen,,,I was stunned by the first listen,,, typically even when I really, love a piece of music I reserve my like or appreciation at least till 3 listens,,,  In this instance I was so deeply impressed I couldnot wait to listen matter of fact since my first listen I have not turned his cycle of 4 songs off.  I am already past, 3 listens  trust me,,, Thank You Brian for posting these free songs….  greg


My best smile to you, and from myspacetoyourspace, Hello Goodbye and Aloha,,, simply g    P.S.  Don’t for get to listen to this sound…  Listen As soon as cannnnn 

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