The Power of Art – Van Gogh by Simon Schama

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Vincent-Van-Gogh Vincent-Van-Gogh

The Dutch Post-Impressionist master.
Van Gogh spent his early life as an art dealer, teacher and preacher in England, Holland and Belgium. His period as an artist began in 1881 when he chose to study art in Brussels, starting with watercolours and moving quickly on to oils. The French countryside was a major influence on his life and his early work was dominated by sombre, earthy colours depicting peasant workers, the most famous of which is The Potato Eaters, 1885.

It was during Van Gogh’s studies in Paris (1886-8) that he developed the individual style of brushwork and use of colour that made his name. In 1888 he moved to Arles where the Provençal landscape provided his best-known subject matter. However, it also marked the start of his mental crisis following an argument with his contemporary Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh was committed to a mental asylum in 1889 where…

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Today All Visual> (critique vs apologetics)

We were posed with a critique in Art School.  All Compositions should remain solid when they are turned, 90, 180, 270 or flipped in any degree.


This is upside down from painted original.


Middle image a tacit rest, for your eyes it is a drawing although very subtle.  Next image is painting 180 degree flip of painting.

Let’s look/see at the above and the below.  Note blank inserted in between.



“critic: a person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him” [Ambrose Bierce The Devil’s Dictionary

“Truth Made Visual” Chapter heading, article Michael Schrauzer entitled:  “What Has Art to Do with Apologetics?”.  Free Dictionary citation on “Apologetics”  = Formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system.

Glad to see ya  Happy Days to Ya,,,

Irish Quote


Pressed to day, many lose ends to tie up.  However, I have been wondering about the scars we possess during our life time.  The mark may be left yet what else remains: A lesson learned, the triumph of love, the arrid desert, the loneliness of the cave of thoughts in our mind, the bright sun, the sunshine of kindness through which we have realized important facts, messages and grace from friends, friendships or even perfect strangers have a way of saying something which is indellable in our mind/soul/heart aperatus.  Sometimes I think it is the relaions, the relating of relationships that helps us along the way.


Irish Proverb:

“A good laugh and A long sleep can make any problem seem smaller”  paraphrase will update exact quote ….


Aloha greg

Re-Edited,,,What Art Is Not, What Art Is. Pardon,,,work work work



Show closes pretty much this Friday,  A special and dear Thank You to the Staff of The Lorain Public Library System at Domonkas Branch in Sheffield Lake, Ohio,  you know who you are,  My Hats off to the kind and generous and patient librarians’: Pam, Julie, Kathy, Maureen, Beth and if I forgot your name you know me I remember I forget and sometimes I know your name as still say it wrong,  My respect and appreciation to your talents does not feign and does not falter your “Top ‘A’ number-one,  1”  yours truely gregorydyczkowski.  Some excperts from images displayed posted over the last few days…


I do not know.  As I still grow up to this idea, concept,  Question, “I’m not artistic, I can’t even draw a straight line”.  Is a question or is it a statement, those of us who create or try to evolve our images in whatever media have faced this query.  Forever, I have had various answers, none of which placate anyone except this statement only newly realized “Look at a tree, do you see straight lines?”, “Look at nature does it move in a straight line,? the horizon when your eyes are sensitive on a lake see the curve of the earth, if you notice on the highway driving the same route and follow the motions of the sun over the years you sense the curve of the earth.  If you do not believe me, pick a spot to visit and go there when you can driving into or near those twilight times the sunrise or sunset.  If you study closely how the spaces around you interact you will sense how the sun moves and how you may realize the slope of this great globe we live on; Earth.Image

Quotes of evaluatory thought, critique to study ourselves, perception in awareness equals great thinkers who still teach us beyond the grave:   

“Doubt is the origin of wisdom.”  Rene’ Descrtes

“”What labels me, negates me.”  Soren Kierkegaard

“””I’m not interested in what’s useful or convenient,” Says Rasmussen. “I’m interested in what’s meaningful.”

“”””The map is not the territory.”  Count Alfred Korzybski

“””””We know not through our intellect but through our experience.”  Merleau-Ponty

“”””””The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”  Martin Heidegger

“””””””The focus of subjectivity is a distorting mirror.”  Hans-Georg Gadamer d 2002

“”””””””Man is in the world and only the world does he know himself.”  Maurice Merleau-Ponty

“””””””””If you were Napoleon, Where would you go? Waterloo Water Park!!!”  Bill to Ted or Ted to Bill in  “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, costaring – – -Joan De Arche, Ziggy Fruud, Ghegis Khan, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Billy the Kid,,,and of course we can not forget George Carlin,,,hope I did not miss anyone,  It is funny that when we laugh we learn easier.  Seriously,  Seriously  furnniey.



Best to ya, enjoy the soft breeze no matter the temperature.  Hoping you see the sun light in the eyes of all you meet and the divine sparkle of its radiance in the souls of those you know and have just met.  Life is worth living in the joys of our souls.  Salute and Cheers to you in all that you do…regards  greg





These two drawings were preliminaries for each other, the line drawing was done first a s a  warm-up for color work.

Old Ideas New Ideas Renewed Observation


It is interesting to continue to study the restudy of an aspect of ourselves.  This may be a self-critique or a self-inventory.  We all do this at times in our life and creativity in all aspects of life require it.  If we are buying a new car we evaluate the market based upon our needs and budget just to begin.  We continue to gather information to grow our thoughts into the best offer or best possiblities for growth of our development of an idea, a course of action, a viewpoint in creativity, the paradigm of continuum of apperception in the choice of decision making in my images old and new has been a very lively mentation.  It has helped me to review new and old approaches to making images.  However, my quest for new avenues of motifs is growing stronger yet  I still find a richness in my memories of working with landscapes, still-lifes and figure drawing to grow the fundementals of seeing and appercieving my self and my viewpoints. 



Best wishes to you in all that you seek.Image

This is shown rotated to allow us to see the marks in a different form of perception, we experience the mark or forms of drawing as a conflict therefore we experience the marks as of a different integrity.


Review, Renew, Reflect to new forms of decision and decision evolutions.  


It is a great foundation, to love, and to love something, and study it over and find that you never find aspects that repeat themselves, unrepeatable love in the beloved is best but unending longevity towards the beloved is the “beginings of Love”, to my Dear Coco-Nut Fog:  Yours greg.

Works Old And New: Feb 2014 Images; Gregory Dyczkowski

February 28 Show will be over last chance view…


Hand made boxes self sustained, plaster cast pyramid.



Watercolor about 24 x 36 inches on watercolor paper



24 x 36 inches watercolor on watercolor paper




Personal Mandala acetate on rice paper ink and pencil scroll about 10″ x 60″ 

The “Beginnings of primordialpassages”, close-up photograph.



Verso close up photograph of “Beginnigs of primordialpassages” Mandala scroll on rice paper.


Thanks to All who commented in my notebook at the show, Much obliged greg

Works Old And New Feb – 2014 Images: Gregory F. Dyczkowski

Looks like February is just about to finish for 2014 less than a week to go – – –  Hoping we are following into a pleasant Springtime.  Cheers to  All,  Excerpts from above show at my favorite local library.














Have a great new week as we pass through the weekend…greg

“unplugged” – ACTUAL PUFFBALL PLANT: SCANNED IMAGES; Photograph of Puff-Ball -Textures And Icons


EDITOR’S NOTES; TODAYS ADDITIONS: 3-10-2014 IN UPPER CASE. PHOTOGRAPH OF RECENT PUFFBALL/HYDRANGIA; IMG_5780Drawing of textures using infinity sign or the figure “8” as a mode of form.




When we nourish our souls and the souls that enter our lives we create a mode of “objective communication” or objective art. OUT OF FOCUS OR EXTRA LIGHT IN PHOTOGRAPH IMG_5778 

Icons rely greatly when you study the backgroung a repeating pattern of squares in the more historicial images the Icons themselves are textured with squares of gold leaf foil. SCANNED IMAGE OF A PUFFBALL



 This texture is a “dynamism” of form or shapes evolving forms through the presence of light. WE Seek to look and understand the word, “dynamism” as it offers a clue to the ever changableness of gold leaf in an Icon image. SCANN OF PUFFBALL: PERSPECTIVE FROM WORMS-EYE VIEW OR FROM SOIL/EARTH LOOKING INTO SKY THROUGH PUFFBALL DRIED GROWTH img216 PUFFBALL WITH BLUE CONSTRUCTION PAPER CEILING/SKY img214My simple drawing is the modification of a set form or motif of form in action the figure “8” or infinity sign.


Seek to nourish the souls  and your soul as a means to improve us.

Aloha pleasant thoughts improve digestion and vigor of health…regards  greg


Apperception In Iconography Or Art Perception/Apperception


Following up and into a simple position or approach to simplicity in Art Awareness – – – 


This is a wondering as much as a question, but more of a wonder: Creation and creating anything; “A Something” is act and action.  Let us consider the “beginnings” the modality of primordialpassages as this possibility, I accept at the very inception of act the thought: this thought is the creation and all activity of creativity is the first thought and this is part or the whole of; “A Something”.  We conclude that any thought is creativity, or a form of energy as it the “A Something” requires our energy to form “A Something” this is one aswer to the general belief I do not know anything or have no knowledge of Art.  This is also the Godlikeness or (with human activity which makes us god-like) notice I use a small letter “g” because in being truely creative/innovative in our thoughts we are creators and this joins us in a basic spiritual experience.  Transending ourselves, transfiguring our perceptions and recieving the “grace”of the muses, angels or divine inspiration is a higher order of introspection/perception/mentation/concentration/consciousness/desire or love/rapture of the ineffefable or immutable graces in life it is the pathway to higher order perceptions or the bliss of “being”, a pleasure or as in the statement:  “It is a pleasure to know You” which evolves into the conception of I want to know more about You.  We believe to recieve but we need to know how to calm ourselves to listen to grace and control the animal within our ego/emotions of knee-jerk reactions.  When we are astounded by the beauty of living a life and recognize/cognizent of the grace in inspiration or the inspiration of grace we have in essence experienced the object/subject or subject/object interchangeableness of creativity.  It is here we are asending towards the aboveness in life and grace.  It is also, sometimes as simple as the beauty: in the soft touch on our cheeks of a summer breeze, the loving sparkle in the eyes of our beloved, in the sparkling smile and eyes of a stranger or the cashier at the check-out line, the sweet smell of a soft rain, in a meal cooked with loving care  these things can take us in our hearts to somewhere because of the experience of that, “A something” has penetrated into our pleasure zone deep within our souls.  This is “objective Art”, and a simple example of a honest and true “objective Art” idea is the advice we may have gained from our parents’ and we re=remember thier advice and pass it along to someone who needs the action of a simple yet profound statement encapsulated in an energy form of love and idea that is a concept.  These things help us grow on a small scale good advice and good memories of an experience.

As always a friendly handshake to you and yours or a friendly smile from my heart to you;  look/see the sparkle of life that surrounds you  –  Hello Goodbye and Aloha   greg

Icon Art, Iconography, Art As A Religious Experience


The last two days posts included a brief description of Object/Subject interchange and transformance.  Today the statement is brief, when we seriously study “Something” we become as the old joke.  The joke in a second.  Seriously, we study observe:  Look/See; interpete/cogigate, understand/comprehend, discern/wonder or we look through towards a viewpoint.  The viewpoint is a foci, a precept in completing an image; a drawing, sketch, painting, musical study, a minute’, a score, when we fully participate we become conscious for a moment or the duration of creativity.  When this occurs we are so bound up in our activity that the experience transcends and becomes a transference of the study between us the object maker of the image interpeteing the subject it in a sense becomes us as a love action.  I believe art good or not so good becomes to us and speaks to us of the love of the artist/musician/writer/dancer/actor/etc. involvement that we may not fully understand what the “something” is but it speaks to us.  This is the closest I shall express it for now.  Art becomes the religious experience through its activity and manifestation of love.  

As always, shalom, reach out and be loving today for the sake of loving and not for the personal rewards.  A Friendly Hello Goodbye and Aloha yours truely g


I am


I am soul

I am aware


your soul

you, your soul sparkles

in your smile

the smile of a stranger, is soul

the soul is shared in love combined

as the soul of the Almighty sparkles in the sky

I am soul you are soul we shimmer as the star in the sky

In love all souls sparkle together remembering All the souls above.