Sometimes, I Feel Like An Old Dog

Hello New Friends and Old Friends, Joy to you and your heart. 


Selfie, 2013 Dec.

Sometimes I fell like and old dog.

Gone dog or dog gone.

Other times I feel like a pup.

Searching around for a familiar spot.

Other times I feel more like a spot.

Surrounded by Spheres

dog tired, hot dog

dogged, doggie, dog it.

Never would I like to “put on the dog” or “go to the dog”

even more so, that way I can keep my fleas to myself.

Forget the “dog eat dog” does not seem right.

A: seadog, sundog, a happy dog or lucky dog too,

and if I am dog tired, I’ll hope to sleep like a dog as a lucky dog.

Then start the day the same way, a rested dog on its way perhaps a new pup on the go.

It might be grand to:  earn a rank of a watch-dog a seeing eye dog of sort.  

To be, really be a seeing eye dog is a high aspiration.   “To be” is formidable on it alone, on its own.

(This was just for a little bit of fun.)



Drawing above was of an old dog I found sleeping on the ground in a park, some 30+ years or more ago.  Something about that dog, made me want to draw it.  Also blindly searching for my scanner registration.

Really, I’d like to teach.



Old self portrait prep sketch, funny we create a self portrait everyday if stop and look at ourselves in the mirror.  But, hardly ever think of it that way we gaze without a thought sometimes unrecognizing the obvious.  Drawing was from a little earlier in time close to 40 years ago.

Well, hope my silly dog prose did not still my hopes of meeting you here again, I can be serious but for some reason the word, “dog” tickled a silly side of me, It is glad to see you here, I hope at least any cares or worries may have washed away and  a  new view has appeared for the enjoyment of the miracle of life, “Every breathe is a miracle, and the presence of everyday is a present.” Paraphrase M. Savage.  As always at least when I remember, Aloha, Hello – Goodbye til next time a friendly smile and a friendly handshake to you Thanks for looking in more serious thinks to come, at least in view.  Best Wishes to YOU…g

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Feel Like An Old Dog

  1. I really enjoyed this. I got stuck in the poem for a moment, but it started to flow again. Something about that continuity, real, even from a dog’s p.o.v. Really cool to see the sketches and get that insight. Wish I had some doodles and sketches from yesteryear to remind me of where I was/what I was thinking then. Good stuff man, keep it coming.


    • Chris, I am so glad to have met you, Your one of those friends who I can pick up where we left off at, this is a real gift to have a friend, Perhaps we will met again soon, til then Its great to be alive and great to have friends like you your pal g …. always got a kick out of talking movies with you….


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