Pressed For Time,

Pressing on when pressed for time.  Pressure,,, no pressure drop. Steady state, as a stoic.  Steady;State;;Equilibrium;Balance.


Seabeck, WA.  Nov 2013 pastel on charchol paper @ 8.5 x 10 “

Hope all have a balanced day, the buds’ are getting bigger each day, as Spring nears and the Sun lasts longer.


Photograph from approximate viewpoint of above pastel … 2013  Seabeck  WA.

Aloha and a friendly smile, and a friendly handshake and salute to you, should you be a new or old friend as friends are one of the best joys of live, life is living when loved by a friend, ‘through thick and thin’ as the cliche reminds us a memory that a ‘friend remains’.  Cheers, g   hoping that your life is on balance when it seems not, through adversity and joy….peace.


4 thoughts on “Pressed For Time,

    • Ahmad, Thank you for your kind thoughts they make my heart grow with the encouragement you have given me, I am gladfull and gratefull for life and the heart to live…peace and joy to you and yours in always everyday…regards g I’ll be looking also to hear more from you and your wonderfull and wonderfilled writings…Thank You for the courage you display to write and share with us who need the thoughtful wonders your words/works display…


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