Creativity Continued From Yesterday’s Post

So, In effect and of pleasure.  Cooking with an empty pantry is like painting with no concept of the out come.  WE create out of nothing, and make something – – – does this constitute the pure creative act, process or beginnings.  I ponder this as an aspect of the approach to “making a thing” is this the basis of “Non-Objective Art”.


media any kind of paint i could get my hands on, all except oil paint of the professional artist’s grade.  Perhaps this is a work in progress???   size inches   54 3/16 x 20 5/8.  Masonite.  

Reading is a supplement to my painting, although not fully intergrated as I am a young aspiring painter,  working for the most part as a a, Solon painter, or a student, or acedemic structure approach to some craftsmanship but essentially: draftsmanship.  My biggest challenge has been on a gutteral level,  Do my fingers and mind’s eye still function.  Working in a factory for nearly 20 years has taken its toil on the facility of my fingers and thier responsiveness.   Statements as questions are a birth of evaluation and analysis.  Please comment if you choose.

Again thanks to all who stopped by, with a friendly handshake a compassionate smile to you,  as always:  Aloha – g

2 thoughts on “Creativity Continued From Yesterday’s Post

  1. Well my gf of 5 years just went back to painting after having not picked up a brush for well over 7 years. it can be challenging, but let me tell you it makes her so happy to pour her energy into that. Every piece she does is 10 times as good as the one before that. I really like your style, please keep on painting 🙂


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