Spirit In Creativity

Wondering as I do, wonder, wonder and wondering.  Hello to All who are reading.  


Thinking, Pondering, Mentatiing, through what happens and the experience of self in creativity.  Wondering do we make the decision. Pondering the act the motion the movement to create in a moment a soul filled with spirit, or love?  Mentating how sometimes a work or an act of creativity in any media has a life of its own.  For example, how can a cook prepare a delicious meal with little or no food in the house.  Making a meal from what ever is available in the cupboard stores.  This experience by those who ever had to wait for more resources or money to purchase food will greatly understand.  Does a meal made with only this meager amount of edible food constitute a “religious experience”  to those who ever enjoyed the granduer of a hodge-podge meal, “hope this is good and tastes good” statements;  knows that sometimes its not the content of the meal but the intention it is made or created from.  We could say a meal like this is born of love, “love” a love not borne on some sappy idealization of emotionality but a realized love.  Gilles Delueze, states “Life is Art”  well Art becomes life when a meal borne of true love is created.  Funny how  a little resource and a loving intention creates a food for the soul as well as food for the body


Photograph taken a few years ago, interesting Fibinacci sequence or the golden rule…

So great Art comes from great intentions borne of “love”, forget trying to define this “love” as it is ineffable.  Love is an Art.  Its bounds are like the who’s center is in the circle and it circumfrence unlimited.  I dedicate this intention to a life long friend of mine who’s known me almost 80 % of my life time.  “CocoNutFog” Thanks for all things in your spirit.  So to me, Art is the best in the aspects of our art of living life. and any great work of art beomes, I hope I have the correct term here, “objective art” or art that outlives its timeperiod legacy and ever transforms the present and future time with wholesome food for thought and consumption.  Hoping all your thoughts are creating for and towards the goodness in the spirit of life and art/life.  Hello, Goodbye and Aloha.  g

Quotes of Thomas Merton

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of live by ourselves alone – we find it with another.

Art enables us to find ourselve and lose ourselves at the same time.

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.

end qoutes of Thomas Merton.

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