Life Passages Primordial Passages (old writings on a recurring theme) WHAT IS ART?!.

Hello All and All Hello.  Aloha, feeling warm as we approach a multi-day polar vortex.  Proceeding is a source cross-referenced earlier but not cited, I will update the cross-reference soonest, tomorrow.

So I found this old paper I once wrote as a proposal to study landscape painting in Maine.  The award I won, but the economy like today was so deceptively wrong and malfunctioning that the program was canceled.  Yeah bummer ,  no bout of doubt it.


Avon Lake, Ohio,  Memorial Park, Rt. 83 and Lake Road, Ohio, about 8.5 x 10.5″, pastels about 2011

Here are some excerpts Good Lord forgive my spelling,,,”Oh My Soul”.  Funny the stuff one writes, these are artstudent quotes, please accept my humility, I am quoting my self as a person spying on their past….””Art is a way of Life”.  It is based upon sensations, experience, and progress. Development “of a thing”is portrayed in “progress”;  or the “experience” of the observer.  The observer should percieve the sensations from the artist in presentation “of a thing”.  – – – Life is essentially problem solving.  For example, we use a roadmap o find various routes to a city.  One may choose roads which are going to make the trip a short one, driving along a highway: or the choice may be to take a scenic ride and enjoy a liesurely ride.    Art is a cyle of problem solving evolving from sensations, to experience, to progress and to  . . . . . . . .  This cycle is endlessly searching for the most exciting and pleasurable way to solve problems in surface quality, spaces of chiaroscuro for the painter or for the artist.”  end qoute copywrite 1/2/1979, Problem Solving in Art: A Design of Life. Proposal, “Painting in Maine Summer of 1979, Artists Competion Kent State University School of Art Summer Competition 1979. gregory dyczkowski, citation in primordialpassages 2014.

Wish I had more time, gotta go for now, pondering the publication of this paper.  Hmmm  still pondering.  As Always if you stopped by today yesterday tomorrow, “the present, is but the meeting of the past and the future in a moment – – -.” Michel de Montaigne.  Please accept my Thank You with a friendly handshake a smile, and a Happy Hello Goodbye and Aloha.  yours in paint g


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