Thinking In Space On A Surface, Capturing Motion And Time

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Representing two dimensions on a two dimensional space, may be achieved with form (basic shape) or altering the form with depth.  It might be looked at as the differences between a mandala and an architectural drawing.  Perhaps we add shading when this occurs we have the added challenge of thinking like Roy Lichtenstein or Joseph Mallard Turner.

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Above is a fallen leaf from Autumn, it is a scanned form, from about 2011.  This leaf has a history of its own and seeing becomes a Art when we are willing to recognize our perceptions good or not so good and use the mental visual alphabets to construct a response in to form a complete thought.  We have then just created our own history about a particular experience and perhaps if we choose a construct or matrix to base a new growing response to Art.  Art is simply Life.  Delueze, has an uncanny way of helping us point to what we see, and what we can possibly see within our responses to Life.  Gilles Delueze is “Greatest Generation” member (b. 1925 – 1995) Delueze a Philosopher and writter of many books on Life and Art as a simultaneous experience.  Especially, noteable are his discussions of film, movies and cinematography in realtion to the creators of films and the universal experience of viewing a motion picture/independant film.  If you take a moment to ponder the above scanned image, its history is relevant to your notion of space, although we know it is a leaf the more you study it, its history becomes more relevant.  The veins alone apear as a small: tree, or the root structure of a growing thing a plant, the colors if you are more scientific in your understanding show a change in temperature of the environment as the air cools the liquid in the tree respond by forming colors on the leaves.  A good naturalist who knows what trees do will say a certain temperature has been reached and certain other temperatures will occur if the leaves change to a different color;  however, another experience occurs when we just ponder the leaf and enjoy its beauty for what it just, “is”.

This is not diffinitive but merely a point of inception or a viewpoint to realize and react to the change of space on a page or flat surface.  There are many combinations and there are many possiblities to choose:  when interacting with space.

I will close with a friendly handshake and a smile hoping all your days are filled with the grace of the sun, and a warmth in your heart for the goodness you see and experience.  So long, Hello Goodbye and Aloha  g

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