Partial Thinking Partial Image Thinking Images(Musing On PrimordialPassages)

Hello,  today or this post is a bit of a hodge podge.  I have a correction from my first small expressions of what primordialpassages is a a matrix of thought.  

The major edit or misprint was the author citation:  “David and Goliath” here not only did I mispell but also wrote the author’s name incorrectly.  Pardon Me with all sincerity, and this misprint in no way reflects the lack of my sincerity just how my brain work’s inadequately when I rush.   

The citation should have read:  “David and Goliath”  author, Malcolm Gladwell.

Partial Image of a small painting below.  A W.I.P. a work in progress, looks better from far away?  Life like a work in progress.


Well, when primordialpassages was being incepted into the main stream the person whome is my friend, and I had this funny conversation about: being “Gladfull” and being gratefull.  Glad-Full, is a whimsical way of taking on the day, You are breathing right, and your name is not in the obiturary so why not,,,”Why Not” just be “Glad-Full”  and gladfilled all day long.  It is easier to walk with happy feet even if you are “keeping your cross” in your pocket.  Hiding your worries and cares in secret.  M. Savage, says:  “Every Breathe is  a miracle and everyday a gift.”  So I say share your presence with all you meet, give them a gift of your day, that miracle of breath: a happy word, a tender smile, an uncriticial remark but a breath of fresh air a kind comment to lift them up not push them down.  

” A time when man will be judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin – – -”  Dr. M.L. King

“Sometimes, the world tells you your direction in life” paraphrase Peter O’Toole interview TCM Movies Robert Osborne

Excellent interview.

“Nothing is better for thee than me.”  “Short stays make for long friends”  B. Franklin

“God Bless Us One and All”  Tiny Tim “A Christmas Carol” C. Dickens,  Sometimes, I wonder if he wrote this as a prayer,???  “In Jesus’s Name” we ask we pray or be Thank Full.

“Be more than you desire.”

So i am left with this thought, many times in many ways, in dispare in hope:  What is the time and what is the last period.     .   

in my life?  Perhaps, this partial image is like the book of a life, in it it contains the last statement concluded with a period.  I hope this make sense.  I ponder will I use the last of my days as it is now to strive for goodness, grace and gladfullness.  I choose to work towards the means to that end, period.   As these historicial memories float and wander in the wonder of life I see, great friends in my life, those who may have passed but left me thier presents of their presence.  A ‘Friend’ is a great ideal, a great joy and a great image to keep even if partial in one’s life.  In closing, I am reminded of a friend, who was my boss for many years as a youth I truely enjoyed listening and learning from him.  He was almost always happy, you could tell  only in a small way when he feigned, or was trying to hide his sorrow even then he would start our work day entering the building singing, whistling, or humming some happy song.  Surely, when he passed, I was sorrowful, sad for my self and his family at the loss.  Funny thing his eulogy was given by his son, and when he stepped up to speak, his first words were,  “Hey, why all the sad faces, turn that frown upsidedown, be happy, remember this could be the first day of the the last day of your life.”  paraphrase here, as this was may be 14 or 15 years ago.  My I was stunned but joyfilled and realized this is a fitting statement for a man whose life just ended and my friend would always help others sometimes at the drop of a hat.  Many times he came and helped me fix things when my family, my wife and our children were young and struggling.  I am “Gladfull” for friends old and new.

I thank you as a new or old friend, and send you a smile.  Hello Goodbye and Aloha.  Smile and be smilefilled, who knows you may smile at your own guardian angel and never know.  The power of a smile as is the power of a great friend reaches pass the moment and allows goodness in ourlives….  🙂   Remember:  “Be more than you desire.”

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