“To Observe, To Know” :: “I Don’t Know”



Let’s consider, feelings and knowing.  The above quote, is from Henry Moore, “To observe, to know”.  “I don’t know” is what I think sometimes.  So in effect if one does not know, perhaps we search, our feelings, what we see, and what we understand; or their are many other possibilities to discover.  However, knowing and feelings are perhaps two different types of knowledge.  The game of Michel de Montaigne and observing extremes is an interesting format for a game to play in the days of no electronic entertainment.




Montaigne, speaks clearly of the pleasures of life and his nearly a life’s work, “The Essays of Michel de Montaigne” offers many different forms of extremes in various challenges of life.  Upon returning from work yesterday, a white knuckled drive home, perhaps some of us drivinge excelled 50+ miles per hour, me perhaps for only a few seconds reached 50+ mph, it was a winter squall.  Those traveling could barely see the vechile in front of us.  I am glad to say no cars were stranded:  or forced, or ejected from the roadway at least in the time I was traveling.  I was a pleasure for me to just be home.  A prayerful drive home to say the least, not much time to ponder extremes or the game of Montaigne’s time.  I do “Thank God” and his Angels and Saints for a safe journey.


Its funny:  “danger and beauty meet at an extreme here” although it was very hazardous all about my feelings longed for a camera or a car cam, a car with attached camera just to record the splendor of the elements.  As a result, upon getting settled after being at home, my camera was recording stills.  Today’s images are still pictures of the precipitation and the accumulation of that brief flurry of “Old Man Winter” or perhaps a “Yankee Clipper” as one of our local weather reports call it.  That is if I am not mistaken. 



The picture of the snow, reminds me of the hope of spring.  I don’t know, I am not a Botonist.  However, does not the small spheres show the growth of a plant in the dead of a storm (?) already moving towards the rebirth of Spring and the, “Perfect, Perfection, Perfectly” of the renewal of a new life we feel or sense every spring.  Most people feel liberated and renewed in Spring and joyful at the hopes and pleasure of enjoying the warm outdoors. 



“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

So in closing, it was a Monster of a storm yesterday, I am so happy to have seen no stranded motorists, and I hope all traveling were safe at home at the close of thier day.  Hello again, anyone who has graced me with thier time by reading this far.  I am not the the greatest speller or do I call myself a writer.  Never was I very good at the mechanics of sentence structure and when it came to diagraming sentences I did fair, please accept these simple writings as you would tolerate mistakes upon which you see of those you love and those perhaps you don’t know how to love.  Your time is valueable to me,  Peace.  g
Think Spring…!

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