Life’s Truths, Life’s Test, Edited Life’s – – –


In life we have questions about what directions to move in, or what is the best decision.  Decisions, Decisions, Decision are like location-location-location in real estate.  Our choice chooses the real estate.  However, this is also a delineator of the field of thought or thoughts we are going to work in and it is our media.  So in affect/effect we can choose a choice/decision or seek many choices and then choose.  There was an old book;  hardly old, only from the 1970’s entitled, “The Media is the Message”.  It has it own field of thoughts and it is almost a picture book for all and adults.  Now, if we transiton this into a media, do we consult:  books, friends, Higher Powers’, the idea of “Love”, or perhaps simply what our heart and soul is speaking to us.  If the message of “Love” is whispered in a room of noise what is really being heard.


I have been absent for two days due to a hiatus in the field of problem(s) solving and dealing with the creation of creativity and the responsiblities it holds.  So in effect, I have miscued and missed the mark in some of my decisions.  I sometimes make my choices: and other times seek advise from powers much stronger than I  or you;  you could call those powers, Spirituality or God or their are willing Guardian Angels at our sides.  My aims have been knocked off course and I have much work to complete and studies in seeing/visual language to be choosing a course of study in destruction.  Also, the ability to see and solve problems.


At this juncture, it is my intent to do my best to reconstruct any destruction with the aid of those tools and Guides much more wise and practical than I.

Hello Friends Old and Friends New:  If you are returning and finished this note, Thank You for your time and hope to see you tomorrow in the hope of its newness and renewal of directions, aims and chores to do for the day, and with a renewed strength of correct problem solving.  regards  g

P.S.   There is a really beautiful post here from a WordPress Blogger Please read if you can, this type of  attention can help us, but practical listening is needed.  Practical listening is an understatement, and in some circles this is called,  “Active Listening”  Title is below and it is also reblogged on primordialpassages, we in effect ‘Would do anyting for those we love…REALLY???’ is only one way to look at this insightful essay.  Job well done  and  Thank You:  to CultureMonk, Kenneth Justice.

I’d do anything for my son…REALLY???

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One thought on “Life’s Truths, Life’s Test, Edited Life’s – – –

  1. Pardon, my under editing, not very patient today with my self. Plus I fumbled around to re-edit and for the life of my memory, can not seem to find the proper screen to re-edit. Working everyday to improve…TY for your understanding…g


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