I’d do anything for my son…REALLY???

Well stated, kindly compassionate and true in many applications of daily living. Quite interesting in its subtle focus on listening. Beautiful essay, Thank You for reminding us of what makes up a relationship. g

Culture Monk

anything for my children

by Kenneth Justice

~ “I would do anything for my children Kenneth….I just want them to be happy” he said.

Yesterday morning I grabbed a coffee from a little outdoor coffee vendor and sat along the beach to enjoy the sunrise…..an hour or so later a tour bus pulled up and I soon found myself sitting next to an early 60ish guy from the East Coast who asked me if I would help him interpret the map of the area he was looking at.

Turns out he is retired and was on the tour bus with his 30-something son who was off at the moment exploring the city. His son has been going through some tough times in recent years. Without going into the details, lets just say that his son is at a place in life where he needs to find out who he is and what…

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