Foundations and Matrix of Basic Shapes in Forming: PrimordialPassages 17/17

Hello to visitors: New and Returning;  Cheers to You.  Pleasant thoughts with pleasant reminders of the motivations to make this week a positive impact upon our lives, goals and aims.


Basic visual thinking on the beginnings of primordialpassages see above detail of a drawing.  “Beginnings” is an interesting word.  A few links below which have recently influenced me, along with mention, mentation and perusing my mind of memories.



            These above two links and the experience of witnessing what the sight of such images impacted upon my mind, and my spying upon my self has brought about a unique mirroring of an unusual meditation.  These shows and many shows the way the Cleveland Museum of Art presents its viewpoint have an astounding affect upon one’s psyche and perceptions.  Some of my thinkings are based upon whatever I am reading, when embarking and launching this aim to the creation of images I was also dumbfounded and amazed at the writings of C.G. Jung and especially this book:  link to  impressions of  various readers  below;    


So, quickly back to the word, “begin” transformed into a new verbal experience,  my lack of spelling confounds me at times, it is a pleasant frustration too, i was looking for the corrrect spelling of ‘beginnings’ and ended up with ‘Beginnings’  –  I will share this preset time discovery with you, quite interesting “look/see”  


For example,  “Like a horse breaking from the gate, my life had begun” —Scott Spencer

                              So what, in essence has happened here is the matrix construct is an assemblage of: anologies, relationships, and evaluations of past, present and future impressions of experience to create a living construct of creative image-making.  Thanks to my friend “Boss”  this is his nickname for the ideation of the word ‘assemblage’ in terms of personality and its language in psyche and personal symbols.

The other links of the Cleveland Museum of Art and its impression upon my ‘will’,  will have to be presented to you at a later time.  This is a survey and inventory of my – introspections – towards an aim to be a creative painter and image maker.

PrimordialPassages early inception, begin, or “Beginnings” are related to all my recollections of family, friends(friends who have left this plane into the newness of death too are dearly remembered too with profound gratefulness for time spent with them and thier love/friendships), new introductions of people walking by when I draw or paint in the field or from nature, teachers at all levels of my being and venerable teachers who expressed compassion encouragement and motivations to my life.  I am grateful, I am thankful, and I am humbled which leads me to this aim to create.  I am indebted in a way to thier commitments to me through thier love and kindness.  It is my hope at this new youth of mine at 55 years old this 9/11 that i can:  “Spy upon myself to really learn from myself” paraphrase of Michel de Montaigne, or in the venerable words of Zen,  “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”(respectfully here).  Possibly, the old academic/business paradigm;  “What have I got?  –  1.   What Am I doing with what I got?  –  2.   Am I reaching my aim?  –  3.  Then, Am I using all I got with what I am doing to progress to success on my path?  –  4.”   I have this written somewhere more concisely and will consult this report written long ago to myself it was a proposal for a project.  

However, on an emotional level and a visceral, gutt-level these embarkings of the theme primordialpassages reflect the inspirations of those who gave their compassion, love and time through their kindness: first of all my Dear Parents, My Brothers and Sisters, My Teachers at all levels from kindergarten on to the present and those other loving Muse’s of thoughts or inspirations we may always remind our selves of this as our Guardian Angels and last but not least those ethereal graces from ideas incepted in love from the Great thinkers in life who beared their souls through the courage of thier thinking and expressions of ideas, thoughts and new ways of seeing the world in which we live to also guide us on our own paths.  These thinkers could be modern authors: William Gladstone, “David and Goliiath”, Chilton Pierce, Thomas Szasz, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Turi, Bruce Campbell, Joseph Stiglitz, William Black, Micheal Hudson, C.G.Jung, Socrates, Boethius, Plato, St. Augustine, Michel de Montaigne, Cicero, George Washington Carver, Count Alfred Korzybski, on and on I could go I have not even mention my artistic teachers, besides the above are the influences of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and E. Delicroix here I will stop.   It is to your influences that I call my self a student of:  all the above and more – – -.

   So it is to you and to the memories of my foundations in life; my Parents’ and the Community which I grew up in that I embark upon          this path of spying upon myself to critique my self and see if I can present to the world a valid set of personal symbols/images.

Aloha, til next time I remain, ever a “StudentDriver” a student of experiences within myself and those who are kind to me or not so kind, I thank you for your time if you have read this far and with a friendly salute to you Cheers  g.


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