15/15 Revisiting Armatures and Working 2D to 360 Degrees

Here is another viewpoint of my smaller amature.  This is a promised aim to myself, to remember how much struggle this young man faced in his life, Karol Józef Wojtyła.  A meditation on miracles in life of common people and people who’s seem average yet remain able to do outstanding things seeking no merit.  The value of valor or valence is an interesting word to know.   M. Savage, speaks of people growing up in New York in the 1940’s and 1950’s  he  tells of interesting characters, one who’s qoute is thus,  “Happy the man who can carry his cross, but happeir the man who can bear his cross, but hide it in his pocket ever remaining happy”.

basic armatrure

basic armature

This is the working vision of static photographs rather than  a  live model.  Using photocopies is a completely different paradigm.  If you think about it bust of other people who were sculpted after thier death must have been done either via: photographs, drawings or painted images of the portrait bust object/image.


Presently, working to rearrange the photocopies to adjust the sculptural viewpoint and assist in editing sightlines.  Basing the viewpoints on left ear and right ear as the target foundation.

Keeping it brief today, Hope all is well for you, cheers to all your success in the new week.  Aloha  greg

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