Miscue on Post, Today’s Post Adaption, Self – Study and Learning 15/15

Well, I may have posted a video blog with out the video.  I am doing my best to learn this system on my own.  I need to stop and do the tutorial provided by WordPress.  So my experiment in learning although not complete is progressing.  Hey I’m to old to be worrying to much about mistakes.  Pardon Me and Forgive Me if today’s experiment is confusing to you.  It is confusing for me too.  




In other events, I have part of a small show hung in a local library.  Scheduled to show through Feb 2014.  They are allowing me to edit or add things which is dynamic.  This is a plus or positive in that it gives me time to complete some projects over the next few weeks.

So posting, a video is going to take more research on my part.  As Michel de Montaigne says, paraphrased:  “If man can learn how to be a spy, and spy upon himself, then perhaps, he can truely become a teacher to himself.”  I will continue to work on this spy idea, see what works and see how I need to learn more in various scopes of image making and adaptation.  Aloha, and Thank You if you have read this far…g

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