Materials and Armature Managable for Sculpting 14/14

Hello New Friends and Old Friends.

Two, examples today of two armatures. This is the first directly below where the aramature worked and I failed the material it was too, wet and slid into this almost beginings of the creature from the black lagoon.


One with material on it and one before material is applied.  Tho the one above is somewhat of a miscue, it is a future success, as learned a great deal about being patient with the sculpting clay especially, when it is soft the armature retained the material that would cling to it.  We wil continue on with this more as time unfolds.





The second view is a an armature for plastilina clay.  You may have noticed it from earlier posts at it will serve as a future spring board to many ideas about working from a flat surface into dimension.  You may see this as a move from working with picture to present an image from 2 dimensions into a radial viewpoint.

Thanks again, for viewing this blog, and many happy returns in all that you do.  I hope today and all your days remind you of the pleasant pleasure in life, and those values which are important make us and the world the beautiful place to live in which it is and the bright promises of a new day unfolds and the love infolds into your hearts so you may share a smile.  As I smile to you now with an “Aloha”   peace g

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