10/10 Sun

Via, The Essays of Micha de Montaigne, “The sun, they say, does not shed its light in one continuous flow but ceaselessly darts fresh rays so thickly at us, one after another, that we cannot percieve any gap between them:”    M. Montaigne.

and it follows with another quote:  Lucretius,  V, 282-4.  “That generous source of liquid light, the aethereal sun, assiduously floods the heavens with new rays and ceaselessly sheds light upon new light.”  end Lucretius.



M. Montaigne then says,  ” So, too, our soul darts its arrows separately but imperceptibly.”  end Montaigne.  

Student Driver, Rookie, a begining beginner of blogging and many other new endevours of my life I feel are brand new.  Some of the inpiration of primordialpassages comes from my readings.  One contemporary author who has made a profound impact upon my psyche, soul, and spirit is a writer of the “sun” and its dynamics.   His name is, Maurice Cotterell, the title, of one of his books is, Future Science.   link to my review on Goodreads.  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13581415-future-science

The above image is an inspiration from reading Mr. Cotterell writings, some of which I have reread.  Wonderfilled and wonderfull expressions in his books.  He makes science the scienitific pleasurable, and mixes in some positivism too.  

Have you again, read this far,  Thank You, and if your are a returning reader,  cheers nice to see you again, A friendly, Hello and Till next time a friendly handshake and smile g

 forgive my incorrectness of spelling and other errors, as presently, I am pressed for time and have made other errors which are more need of my attention,  I will improve my craftsmanship as times and tomes go by…

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