primordialpassages: Early Foundations and Early Meanings; Mandala + Mandala = Mandorla

PrimordialPassages is the fundamental scope of title, thought and visual matrix towards the building of a visual, sensate language.  Is it my own?  Is it fundamentally unique to me?  These are basic questions.  Overtime, this site and my efforts to discover and make this a cognizent, cogent and comprehensible voice of a language will manifest its’ self.  At my station in life, the composite of my life experiences is a part of my language in visual expression.  It is with humility and gratefullness that I attempt this project.  Life and my composite life presently is a culmination of all those experiences which have helped create me.  Do we seek muses and find inspiration through a “Muse”?  I am grateful to all those who have and will help in creating true expressions of an “art language’.   In closing, this I qoute:  “Inspiration, must find you working.”  W. Faulkner


Thanks to you who have read this far, and a friendly, handshake for Hello, Goodbye and Til next  time — think peace.  g

P.S. Two circles a basic: Mandala overlap and result in a Mandorla.



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