8/8 More On Matting With Suggestions From A Student Driver: or the Difficulties of a Rookie.

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Look carefully, you can see the mistakes.  Above work was a sketch in Seabeck, WA.  gregory dyczkowski fall of 2013.

Still I am wondering about that game of Montaigne’s time, “Where Extremes Meet”.  Matting is a professional task, like going to the auto mechanic, you need special tools to get the job done safely and correctly.  It is sometimes difficult to pay those two professionals but really they are probably underpricing thier skill set.  Once you have made a few measure errors it easier to understand.

When a young Art Student/Driver, matting flat art was a chore at first, however with pracitce and time it became very easy and efficient.  Today, I do not possess the tools which made this job a snap.  Never had much luck with a T-Square.

One of which is a good rule. A rule or ruler with the same languange on each side and its verso in the same scale of a different language.  This is an excellent rule.  For example, a practical rule has these features:  the rule should be at least 2 inches wide and no more than 3 inches wide(a matter of personal choice here) 18, 24, 36 or 48 in length if you can afford the biggest own it.  A 48 inch long rule is some what: ‘so what’? clumsy but it will be extremely valuable in large flat works and reducing matt stock to final outer dimensions.  Now, we come to  the  language, get a rule with english system one one side with 1/8 units on one leading edge and 1/16 on the other leading edge.  The verso or flip-side should be metric:  cm/mm.  It is important if you find this style to purchase.  When you have the same language on each respective face of the rule you have a rule which gives you two marker/identification measure for each movement of the rule to size inside frame and outside dimensions you need to measure 3 positions of the rule and with the scales of the above rule each position offers two marker points so in total you have 6 reference points for your lines.  Me, being a Rookie all over again I use 4 or more sometimes til I am confident in creating a straight line.

I have been matting on and off for the last 90 days or so, and I have made many many almost all the mistakes I did as a beginner.  Yes, and missed some mistakes I remember but also created a few new ones too.  Now there is plenty of scrap matt board to use for paintings and drawings.  Rookies, are called Rookies for a reason.  These Rookie mistakes can be avoided.  Especially if you have a rule with the same language on the working face.  English or Metric, its your choice, I prefer the metric it is more accurate and easier to read.  Plus when you check the drawn inside and outside dimensions you have now two measure points on the rule to check your squareness, accuracy and total construct.

Good rules can be bought at non Art Stores, and large sized rules are easier to find in a hardware store, if you like supporting the local store go to a “Mom and Pop” hardwarestore they may have reasonable prices too, and of course their is the big box hardware stores too.  It is funny being a Student Driver Rookie, many of my Exacto knives do not have replacement blade at the local craft store.  I have found all the graphics art stores long gone. Really, I am not that “old” whatever “old” means, as a youngster I had many Art Professors who were considered “old” I prefer to think of venerable instead of old when thinking of them anyways.

So if you think about it a rule which has two languages on its face you have an answer to Montaigne’s Middle Ages game, “Where Do Extremes Meet?” This is a minor example of extremes, simple and a solution.  It may be best to show a picture of a rule in moving  measurement positions.  Look for a new post on this soon.  Thanks to you, if you read this far and a smile from me with a friendly handshake to you.  regards  g at primordialpassages.

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