Matting, Measuring and Making an Old Beginner 7/7 Student Driver

Seabeck WA 2013

Seabeck WA 2013

GregoryDyczkowski Photo

We are all student driver’s.   Learning the rules of the road as we navigate the highway of life.  Recently, I have undertaken to cut matt boards for an upcoming show of primordial passages.  Student Driving this blog has driven me in many ways,  I just had a nice simple statement of techniques of selecting tools of matting artworks.  And lost the whole file, trying out how to display the Matts done recently.   In recognition of my ole’ roomie in Art School at Kent State University I need to go cut more matts as my alloted blog time has cut into my matting time.  Yikes Cheers to my Stopher Hall “budd”  Mark H.   ,,, and that golden matt rule He shared with me will wait til tomorrow.  Thanks for your time…Seabeck WA 2013  Mountaing Range Seabeck WA 2013 Mountaing Range

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