Braving the Storm, A Day Beginings, Musings on Montaigne

Hello, as us Northen States face snow birds in love with the present weather actions around us change us within or without.  Each day is a new birth of sorts we arise awake and adapt to the new day each day.  Montaigne speaks of how each day is a new composite of our awareness of our self, ourselves if we choose to study how we, “be” or our being.  I have a different viewpoint of the day because each day is different if we choose so, it seems simple.  However, Montaigne does a much better job of saying this in His essays.

Today’s image is a photo of snow on a railing.  I have never seen a snow ball, or sphere created by natures gentleness in a storm.  This sphere of snow is an anomoly of my memories. I heard on the radio news the other day that the air space of  a  snow flake has been calculated at about 80 to 90 %  air.  I was astonished to find this out.  Hope to see you again soon, here and Thank You for reading on this musing.Image

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