“Where Extremes Meet” – Old Year New Year 4/4


Micheal de Montaigne has captivated me lately, his writings and its contruct.  There is a game which was played in the Middle Ages and Montaigne participated in it.  He called it, “Where extremes meet.”  I read the Essays of Michael de Montaigne,    translated by Skreech.

One of my extremes, although not as thorough as Montaigne’s is:  Vincent van Gogh, one eared and Peter Falk, one eyed; Artist’s and Painter’s.

Secondly, our humanity meets at extremes.  Common elements of our personhood is connected in simple pleasures.  Individually, we are not alike at all as we are seperated by our thinking moreover, by how and what we choose to think shows commonality or conflict.  However, things we are linked by is:  the joy of pleasure, DNA, laughter, the need for air, the need for compassion, understanding or love.  A few simple examples you may know more too.  We are all beginers at the begining of a new day waking-up in our own ways.  Let’s end and start the Old/New Year with a commonality of gracefulness which will unify the goodness of the world.

“In all thinking we are interpreting signs.”  Ogden & Richards, The Meaning of Meaning.

In closing, Thank You for reading these ideas borrowed or built upon.  I hope you continue, to explore with me, I am grateful for your time.  All images are generated by Gregory Dyczkowski for Primordial Passages.  Cheers and Happy New Year’s to You.  regards  greg

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