Sometimes, I Feel Like An Old Dog

Hello New Friends and Old Friends, Joy to you and your heart. 


Selfie, 2013 Dec.

Sometimes I fell like and old dog.

Gone dog or dog gone.

Other times I feel like a pup.

Searching around for a familiar spot.

Other times I feel more like a spot.

Surrounded by Spheres

dog tired, hot dog

dogged, doggie, dog it.

Never would I like to “put on the dog” or “go to the dog”

even more so, that way I can keep my fleas to myself.

Forget the “dog eat dog” does not seem right.

A: seadog, sundog, a happy dog or lucky dog too,

and if I am dog tired, I’ll hope to sleep like a dog as a lucky dog.

Then start the day the same way, a rested dog on its way perhaps a new pup on the go.

It might be grand to:  earn a rank of a watch-dog a seeing eye dog of sort.  

To be, really be a seeing eye dog is a high aspiration.   “To be” is formidable on it alone, on its own.

(This was just for a little bit of fun.)



Drawing above was of an old dog I found sleeping on the ground in a park, some 30+ years or more ago.  Something about that dog, made me want to draw it.  Also blindly searching for my scanner registration.

Really, I’d like to teach.



Old self portrait prep sketch, funny we create a self portrait everyday if stop and look at ourselves in the mirror.  But, hardly ever think of it that way we gaze without a thought sometimes unrecognizing the obvious.  Drawing was from a little earlier in time close to 40 years ago.

Well, hope my silly dog prose did not still my hopes of meeting you here again, I can be serious but for some reason the word, “dog” tickled a silly side of me, It is glad to see you here, I hope at least any cares or worries may have washed away and  a  new view has appeared for the enjoyment of the miracle of life, “Every breathe is a miracle, and the presence of everyday is a present.” Paraphrase M. Savage.  As always at least when I remember, Aloha, Hello – Goodbye til next time a friendly smile and a friendly handshake to you Thanks for looking in more serious thinks to come, at least in view.  Best Wishes to YOU…g


Pressed For Time,

Pressing on when pressed for time.  Pressure,,, no pressure drop. Steady state, as a stoic.  Steady;State;;Equilibrium;Balance.


Seabeck, WA.  Nov 2013 pastel on charchol paper @ 8.5 x 10 “

Hope all have a balanced day, the buds’ are getting bigger each day, as Spring nears and the Sun lasts longer.


Photograph from approximate viewpoint of above pastel … 2013  Seabeck  WA.

Aloha and a friendly smile, and a friendly handshake and salute to you, should you be a new or old friend as friends are one of the best joys of live, life is living when loved by a friend, ‘through thick and thin’ as the cliche reminds us a memory that a ‘friend remains’.  Cheers, g   hoping that your life is on balance when it seems not, through adversity and joy….peace.


Creativity Continued From Yesterday’s Post

So, In effect and of pleasure.  Cooking with an empty pantry is like painting with no concept of the out come.  WE create out of nothing, and make something – – – does this constitute the pure creative act, process or beginnings.  I ponder this as an aspect of the approach to “making a thing” is this the basis of “Non-Objective Art”.


media any kind of paint i could get my hands on, all except oil paint of the professional artist’s grade.  Perhaps this is a work in progress???   size inches   54 3/16 x 20 5/8.  Masonite.  

Reading is a supplement to my painting, although not fully intergrated as I am a young aspiring painter,  working for the most part as a a, Solon painter, or a student, or acedemic structure approach to some craftsmanship but essentially: draftsmanship.  My biggest challenge has been on a gutteral level,  Do my fingers and mind’s eye still function.  Working in a factory for nearly 20 years has taken its toil on the facility of my fingers and thier responsiveness.   Statements as questions are a birth of evaluation and analysis.  Please comment if you choose.

Again thanks to all who stopped by, with a friendly handshake a compassionate smile to you,  as always:  Aloha – g

Spirit In Creativity

Wondering as I do, wonder, wonder and wondering.  Hello to All who are reading.  


Thinking, Pondering, Mentatiing, through what happens and the experience of self in creativity.  Wondering do we make the decision. Pondering the act the motion the movement to create in a moment a soul filled with spirit, or love?  Mentating how sometimes a work or an act of creativity in any media has a life of its own.  For example, how can a cook prepare a delicious meal with little or no food in the house.  Making a meal from what ever is available in the cupboard stores.  This experience by those who ever had to wait for more resources or money to purchase food will greatly understand.  Does a meal made with only this meager amount of edible food constitute a “religious experience”  to those who ever enjoyed the granduer of a hodge-podge meal, “hope this is good and tastes good” statements;  knows that sometimes its not the content of the meal but the intention it is made or created from.  We could say a meal like this is born of love, “love” a love not borne on some sappy idealization of emotionality but a realized love.  Gilles Delueze, states “Life is Art”  well Art becomes life when a meal borne of true love is created.  Funny how  a little resource and a loving intention creates a food for the soul as well as food for the body


Photograph taken a few years ago, interesting Fibinacci sequence or the golden rule…

So great Art comes from great intentions borne of “love”, forget trying to define this “love” as it is ineffable.  Love is an Art.  Its bounds are like the who’s center is in the circle and it circumfrence unlimited.  I dedicate this intention to a life long friend of mine who’s known me almost 80 % of my life time.  “CocoNutFog” Thanks for all things in your spirit.  So to me, Art is the best in the aspects of our art of living life. and any great work of art beomes, I hope I have the correct term here, “objective art” or art that outlives its timeperiod legacy and ever transforms the present and future time with wholesome food for thought and consumption.  Hoping all your thoughts are creating for and towards the goodness in the spirit of life and art/life.  Hello, Goodbye and Aloha.  g

Quotes of Thomas Merton

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of live by ourselves alone – we find it with another.

Art enables us to find ourselve and lose ourselves at the same time.

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.

end qoutes of Thomas Merton.

Thinking In Short Time

Hello All new and old friends.  Aloha.


Above is pen and pencil drawing, partial matrix for: primordialpassages, mandala series thinking forward into rice paper. size about:  8.5 x 8.5 “. 

What I have discovered I wish to share in hopes we can learn together.  We can advance, we will advance  and  we will progress.  We are Humanbeings, we have things which we share and learn together life to me is advancing relations in relationships.  Early on in life I found this saying by Goethe, “I seek to see the goodness man(humanity as people or individuals), and leave the bad to God who is thier maker and knows them better than I” realize this may be a paraphrase hang on, let me look for exact quoute.

Pardon I am unable to find exact quote:  here is a good one tho – – 

Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

This is closer:

The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Hope all your lifes’ aims are becoming more of actions and real with you finding your heart in the truth and moving forward into a progress undreamed of with the understanding of joys and not so joyous but content in your growing being as you become to “Be”.

Aloha thing good thoughts it aids your digestion.  peace g

Life Passages Primordial Passages (old writings on a recurring theme) WHAT IS ART?!.

Hello All and All Hello.  Aloha, feeling warm as we approach a multi-day polar vortex.  Proceeding is a source cross-referenced earlier but not cited, I will update the cross-reference soonest, tomorrow.

So I found this old paper I once wrote as a proposal to study landscape painting in Maine.  The award I won, but the economy like today was so deceptively wrong and malfunctioning that the program was canceled.  Yeah bummer ,  no bout of doubt it.


Avon Lake, Ohio,  Memorial Park, Rt. 83 and Lake Road, Ohio, about 8.5 x 10.5″, pastels about 2011

Here are some excerpts Good Lord forgive my spelling,,,”Oh My Soul”.  Funny the stuff one writes, these are artstudent quotes, please accept my humility, I am quoting my self as a person spying on their past….””Art is a way of Life”.  It is based upon sensations, experience, and progress. Development “of a thing”is portrayed in “progress”;  or the “experience” of the observer.  The observer should percieve the sensations from the artist in presentation “of a thing”.  – – – Life is essentially problem solving.  For example, we use a roadmap o find various routes to a city.  One may choose roads which are going to make the trip a short one, driving along a highway: or the choice may be to take a scenic ride and enjoy a liesurely ride.    Art is a cyle of problem solving evolving from sensations, to experience, to progress and to  . . . . . . . .  This cycle is endlessly searching for the most exciting and pleasurable way to solve problems in surface quality, spaces of chiaroscuro for the painter or for the artist.”  end qoute copywrite 1/2/1979, Problem Solving in Art: A Design of Life. Proposal, “Painting in Maine Summer of 1979, Artists Competion Kent State University School of Art Summer Competition 1979. gregory dyczkowski, citation in primordialpassages 2014.

Wish I had more time, gotta go for now, pondering the publication of this paper.  Hmmm  still pondering.  As Always if you stopped by today yesterday tomorrow, “the present, is but the meeting of the past and the future in a moment – – -.” Michel de Montaigne.  Please accept my Thank You with a friendly handshake a smile, and a Happy Hello Goodbye and Aloha.  yours in paint g


Reviewing the Look/See

Sometimes, we think we see and need to look more closely.


Sometimes we need to see and look more closely without seeing and allow what we are looking at to look at us.  Perhaps we may also say what we are looking at will in away look back into us.  Once we actualize this it may be possible for us to allow ourselves to see more views with our:  certain focus, certain meditation and certain observation and we become confident of what else we may see.

Thanks for stoping by today and looking forward to seeing you again, With friendly handshake and Hello Goodbye and Aloha.

The Trickster’s Hat by Nick Bantock – review

this looks interesting

Live to Write - Write to Live

The Griffin & Sabine books had, without doubt, some of the most ingenious and creative storytelling I’ve ever come across between two covers. I still have all of our original books (carefully shelved in the “favorites of favorites” section of our bookshelves.)

trickI remember rushing out to the bookstore when each book was released and then settling myself down to slowly go over each and every page. The mystery, the adventure, the artistry, quite simply, those books were at a level of magic to which I enviously aspired.

Was there any doubt that I would not take a look at The Trickster’s Hat – A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativityby Nick Bantock, author of Griffin & Sabine? I mean, really. Was there even a slight chance I wouldn’t review this one?

I think not.

The Trickster’s Hat is a small book which sits solidly in your hands. It’s a good…

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