Remembering Peter O’Toole 3/3

Remembering Peter O'Toole  3/3

Our life is a great tome. Ups, downs, frustrations and sucesses, great observations, yet we press on regardless of how we feel. Lastnight I had the great honor of watching an interview with Peter O’Toole on TCM, Robert Osborne and Peter were like school chums. How divine life is when the perspective on a long life such a Peter O’Toole’s is observed. Henry Moore says, “To Observe, is To Know”. Peter knows the grace of life. He expressed it throught the questions of Robert Osborne, WOW. Peter spoke of the goodness around him, his life, his experiences. The final statements of the interview are well worth the time it takes to watch. If you have some free time going into the New Year, see if you can find this interview. The beauty of life, at 80 years experienced and presented to us through this simple T.V. show displays the tome of life. Positive expressions lead to better results. Reminds me of some new friends I have meet this year.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Peter O’Toole 3/3

    • Hello Hitandrun1964, Thanks for your kindness, It is good of you to leave me a note. I hear ya on the humans being related and unrelated at the same time. Sometimes, I believe that is one of the experiences recgonized in life which makes many people desire to create to paint to make drawings ,,, so on and so forth I hope to learn how to use this magic machine better WordPress I have a small show in the process of being presented I am in Avon Lake Ohio, I will be posting some of the show on wordpress once i am setted more,,, best to you in all your indevours we will have to talk to each other somemore about VanGogh. I Know you would find his letters to his Brother Theo, much intertesting, interesting too…You would find a different person whome you know as V. VanGogh after reading how he had hoped to be accepted more by his family(especially his father and mother?) Take Care Be Safe…g


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