Remembering Peter O’Toole 3/3

Remembering Peter O'Toole  3/3

Our life is a great tome. Ups, downs, frustrations and sucesses, great observations, yet we press on regardless of how we feel. Lastnight I had the great honor of watching an interview with Peter O’Toole on TCM, Robert Osborne and Peter were like school chums. How divine life is when the perspective on a long life such a Peter O’Toole’s is observed. Henry Moore says, “To Observe, is To Know”. Peter knows the grace of life. He expressed it throught the questions of Robert Osborne, WOW. Peter spoke of the goodness around him, his life, his experiences. The final statements of the interview are well worth the time it takes to watch. If you have some free time going into the New Year, see if you can find this interview. The beauty of life, at 80 years experienced and presented to us through this simple T.V. show displays the tome of life. Positive expressions lead to better results. Reminds me of some new friends I have meet this year.


Reading Ourselves

Time seems to wash over me, again and again.  It is very noticeable if the event is painful or pleasurable and yet other times I hardly notice time.  The future is always bright when we see the importance of light.  We need light to read, if it is a book, which it seems just recently I have only rediscovered the joy and ability of some Authors to help us read ourselves.  

Montainge is my new favorite,  He says if you are to know a man (person) you must see into his soul to really be aware

of what they are or what is thier essence.                               IMG_2894       e

Essence of being our selves.  

It is the same with any type Art some soulness of Art just reads easy, some Art ideas like life presents us with a tenacious challenge.

Welcome and Greetings to my New Blog, Primordial Passages


Primordial Passages will be Here, There and Hopefully Everywhere.

I am glad to meet you.

Hello, this is the home of my of life’s work: past, present, and future.


This is where I am at, about a year ago I saw a Picasso show at the

Cleveland Museum of Art.  Pablo’s display was his transition from acedemic

Art School works into a professional and mode of individual expression.  I am

restudying how to see, and execute my personal expression…Look for a small

show of mine soon in 2014.

Thanks for considering what I am presently thinking and stopping at this site.