Visual Thoughts on Russian, Kasmir Malevich and Picasso


Picasso “- – – – at fifteen I painted like Velazquez, and it took me eighty years to paint like a child . . . .”

Marbles Are Interchangable With Scruples: Sensibility

Currently I am showing six landscapes at a local MetroPark and Cultural Arts Center


So I venture on into finishing this game of marbles with my scruples and sensibities on how to become organizied.  Playing out the current game is needed to develop some formal plan to posting and reposting.  This blogging gets to be a bit heady at times.


I am grateful for friends, new friends and old friends the three basic things in life which give us many riches.


More On Two Planes

Two Planes one white and one black.



Black                                                        White

Absence of all color                                 Presence of all color

Depending upon where you live if a 180 degrees from the Western world

Presence of all color                               Abesence of all color    



Viewpoint, Look/see, observation, and discernment.  I am reminded of a friend, an author from a book.  Actually, two friends Michel de Montaigne, he says; paraphrase, “Any person who is fairly normal can talk about anything with anybody.” the second friend P.D. Ouspensky, paraphrase, “We have the ability to observe and see many views of the same site.”  PrimordialPassages comments, “Through experience we build and rebuild our language everyday, and because of this we are always new and renewed in life, however, only if we are awake/watchful or Looking/Seeing.”  Ouspensky was also very experienced in languages, He knows, about 8 languages plus English, his task was to take one sentence from the Bible and interprete it along the lines of the 9 languages he knew and continue understanding the experession of the sentence/line.  He spent the whole day doing this and came up with at least 100 to 250 different understandings of the one expression or grace from the Bible. He concluded we all have the ability to see one thing in many true and different ways and each view or viewpoint has its own integrity, integrity has its own merits.

There are three things I am grateful for today: the act of hearing, the sounds of my loved ones voices and remembering the sounds that contain and are similar to the expressions of my loved ones’ voice.

PrimordialPassages Beginnings Reprise

The basic scope of PrimordialPassages is multi-dimensional media. I am a rookie at this hope you come back and enjoy.  All images are created by me and posted to WordPress PrimordialPassages.

img019view of Main St and Route

The intent is a response to my responsibility towards certain concrete and undiscovered aims. There are so many things, people, experiences and happenings in my life there may never be enough time to fully ‘Pay it foreward’. When we become gratefull we become a new beginning of our being especially if we remain stead fast in our convictions to be humble through good times and bad times; it perhaps then a possiblity to “be”. The struggle to “be” never ends it begins – I will close with a thought of Cicero, “Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but it is the foundation of all others.


There are three things I am gratefull for: the light at sunrise, the light of joy in peoples’ smiles and the light of love I see in those who call me their friend.  g

Revisiting Yesterday’s Planes of Thought, Mondrian: PrimordialPassages Act of Random Action

This is a minor tribute or meditation on Mondrian.  Scattered squares of red, yellow and blue. It is not to any particular scale a random cutting of squares. Mondrian was Dutch not sure why I did not remember this fact. The Cleveland Museum of Art has one of his flower painting I do try and visit this old friend it has such delicacy, strength and control that it almost appears to be a sculpted painting.  However, the pigment is applied with a wash like quality in areas that if you are in the right seeing mode it is incredible.  This is the link to the CMA:




More on Emerson:  “Life is a dictionary.” RWE PrimordialPasseges ponders;  “Our mind is a dictionary of resources of experience(s) to a degree that we may sometimes call it a dictionary of our sense of life.” 

When we seek, we learn as we learn: know and understand we may be reminded of the joy of child-likeness. This is a love of learning a love of building new experiences. Ahh the excitement of something new, a new experience we hold. This can renew us to the joy of life and the real living within us and all that surros’unds us.


Three things I am grateful for: the gift/sense of sight, books that I might see into anothers’ mind of ideas, and many great authors whome I have had a chance to read especially Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was a quiet, soft-spoken man who loves America.

Shalom greg


Restart Cite Under Construction


Above link: Fredrick Chopin, Raindrop,  suggested listening for the blogg.

Restart Cite Under Construction. I have been gone close to 4 months now many moons. Perhaps it is best to say, “I have been under construction.”  Still even then are our works ever done?  Life is ended with our final breathe it is then the construction is over but who knows if then it is complete all I can ponder is our last breathe is completed.  Well not to be solemn but real.

So it is Cheers to you and Cheers to life.


Poles of thought.   A quote by Piet Mondrian, ” The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”


Today’s graphic is in honor of Piet.   We have two planes. One light one dark, one full one empty one brilliant one an abyss, white is life black is death, However in the East White Is Death and Black Is Fecundity?   Memories slip and so does concrete facts.  This comment of culture is close enough:  “The act of seeing is in the reason of observation”.  PP=PrimordialPassages. Symbols only have meaning when we recognize them and build other concepts. It is the practice of reason that builds a visual dictionary. Emerson who’s birthday is today is fascinating, his one comment to me that sticks out in my mind is, “Life is a dictionary.”  This was part of his closing statements for a address at graduation in 1837 a beautiful speech not of political platitudes but discerning knowledge.


Pardon but one more quote: via Roy Masters, “When Solomon was asked what single wish he would be granted, he answered: ‘Give me wisdom that I might judge Thy people properly.’ Because of his propensity toward good, his prayer was heard. The Lord was obliged to give Solomon riches, fame, honor, everything, because Solomon had asked for the cause of all good things.” end quote.

Take Care Godspeed to You.  gfd

A Point; A Hidden Point and a Point On A Grid.

You might say we are like these two points:  hidden or revealed.  Therefore, we understand ourselves or we remain suspended in wonder what we are, where we are and how we are going to accomplish what is really important.  Where have I been?  Recently, I have been a fireman of sorts, life presenting me with various types of fires enflaming through basic living.  We all face varioius fires or challenges in life that require our full attention.  However, along with this we have hidden points or points of wealth and peace within us.  It is called an interior heart. A soul, a OverSoul, a communication with our higher selves.  There are obvious words, works, phrases  or attitudes which this may be labeled.  These I am avoiding.  In closing my extra time to think as I choose over the first part of this year is,  “What is unconditional love?”,  Lastnight I was left with the meditation, “To err is human to forgive divine.”  This is just a beginning.


A Point hidden.



A Point on a Grid.



Three things I am grateful for are:  The sweet smell of summer, the breath of nature, the light of day.

Mandala Matrix And Quote Of Gilles Delueze: Images gregorydyczkowski thinking in layers

Francis Bacon:  The Logic of Sensation.  Gilles Delueze


“So the act of painting is always shifting, it is constantly oscillating between a beforehand and an afterward:  the hysteria of painting . . . . Everything is already on the canvas, and in the painter himself, before the act of painting begins.  Hence the work of the painter is shifted back and only comes later, afterward: manual labor, out of  which the Figure will emerge into view . . . . .


From the Chapter:  “The Painting before Painting”  page 80.


Hope all are fine and enjoying the better part of living today… best to ya  greg

Sun, Gold, Values, Values of Light, Golden Flower, Golden Mean, Symbols In Numbers, Communication

View of Today’s Sketchbook  3-10-2014.  Heart as Soul source within our breast.   Lyrics, Lynyrd Skynyrd:  “Simple Man”,  quote in part of song –



“Forget your lust for rich man’s gold

All that you need is in your soul – – – “

end quote

Transference And Dynamism: Writings of Maurice Cotterell

Foundational Scope of Maurice Cotterell, books and media information.


symbols transference M. Cotterell

basic shapes in renewal of symbol language of mc


knowledge base of my transference into readings and rereadings of MC dialogues

in his writings


MC reading list:


Works read several times over the last 3 years:


1- “Future Science”


    2  – “The Tutankhamum Prophecies” – ‘The Sacred Secret of the Mayan, Egyptians and Freemasons’.


         3  –  The Terracotta Warriors



These books are a:  wonder, based upon very concrete thinking in their understanding of symbols ancient and common understandings of verbal explanations, and visually a very stimulating and lively presentation of how we see and comprehend understandings of knowledge interiorly and through written words.  I believe you will find these books fascinating here is Maurice Cotterell’s homepage link:     


You will find him on YouTube and in a basic google search engine query.  Maurice has appeared discussing many current topics on the radio too, query Coast to Coast A.M. for more materials on Maurice’s positions on health or personal health improvements.  –  Current topic of note;  “The Cause of Allergies, Asthma, and Auto-immune disease”  by Maurice Cotterell.  –    Enjoy worth the time and wonder you will discover.  best to ya greg